Books for the festive season~!

20 December, 2010

okay, it has nothing to do with Christmas. xD

Recently very very addicted to surfing g-market and looking at all those pretty clothes and shoes. And trying to convince myself that the real deal doesn’t look like the photos so that I wont be bankrupt. I think books are the safest to order, since they can’t possibly give me ‘fake’ books, can they? So I succumbed and decided to get 4 books and a jumper (oops..) this morning! ^^ I’m on a budget constraint, so I had to really think 293408 times before clicking the order button this morning. And that involved editing my orders several times.

This is technically the 3rd time I’ve ordered on gmarket. The first time being in Korea and the 2nd time a week ago. I wish I lived in Korea, the delivery speed is awesome! Seeing how Koreans love to be 빨리빨리, sellers can’t afford to take their own sweet time in sending out the orders. But… DPD and its Singapore counterpart DPEX are such asses. SLOW SLOW SLOW. sorry for the language, but I’m really annoyed with them. Granted, I’m not a very patient person and I like things to be fast. But it’s been 8 days since I’ve placed my order. On 18th (Sat), it says that the goods are inbound in Singapore at around 1plus in the afternoon. So technically they should arrive today (monday) right? NO. There’s no status update at all. -.-

That’s why I decided to use EMS for this round of gmarketing. I don’t want my precious books to get lost!!

Will update about it once I get the books 😀

Perhaps we can do a spree for Korean learning books next time xD hahaha just an idea (;

As for what books I’ve ordered….. I shall blog about it another time!

    1. 저도 한국어 책을 사기 좋아해요.. ㅋㅋ… 한 22권? >< Whenever i buy books from gmarket, i do research on or other sites first to estimate the weights of each book…. then taking the box to be 400g, i usually pay the exact amount 딱 한번에.. ㅎㅎ The only 흠 point of buying books from Korea is that i can't use all the gift vouchers i received. ㅠㅠ My free pizza hut pizza and coke~~~~~

    1. I am also addicted to GMARKET, much more than you are.. I simply love it..
      I have tried buying things from rice and T-shirts to external hard drives and laptop. and most of the times I have been quite satisfied with their service.

        1. I was also hesitating in the beginning. once I bought a 1TB external hard disk from gmarket and just half an hour after plugging in it started making clicking sound and stopped working. and when i called their customer center, they asked me whether I wanted to exchange or return. i said I want my money back. And you wont believe, they collected the hard dist from my room and the next day i got every single penny back into my account. They didn’t deduct even the delivery charges.
          The only quality problems I have come through sometimes were little color difference or size(that was my mistake in selection) in terms of clothes, no such big issue. and that’s the reason I just love gmarket.

    1. I’ve wasted lots of time just browsing G-market XD

      The singapore site kinda suck tho. 😛

      But what is it with korean websites and their over-whelming love of flash and cluttered pages?
      I get a headache just staring at my screen.

      1. hahaha i totally agree about the singapore site. in fact, i dont bother looking at it at all. >,<
        i actually quite like korean sites. just that i have to surf it in korea. the internet speed here is horrendously slow. -.-

        but i do get irritated when there are alot of commercial icons/popups on the screen. i have to close several popups before i can see the site content :/

    1. Heya, about gmarket, do they take small orders or are they that kind of shop that requires you to buy in bulk, especially for shipping orders? I’m interested in buying stuff from there too. 🙂

      1. they do take small orders. but since shipping costs vary with weight, it’s more economical to get more stuff at a go. you can order from different sellers and then pay. or you can order several times and request for combined shipping with a click ^^

    1. Hehe..u’re addicted to gmarket juz as bad as i am ^^ i’ve ordered clothings, bags, korean txtbooks n electronic dictionary frm gmkt korea…so far, i’m truly satisfied with their service…the website allws buyer to track the local delivery of the items ordered frm shop to warehse n if u ordered via ems, they even inform buyer of the flight number tt my parcels r “taking”. Most of the time the parcel ride an SQ flight (haha, i envy my parcels ^^)
      seriously nothing beats the excitement of receiving the parcel frm the speedpost man…u just wanna tear off the package right there n then, but no choice, must act cool in front of others…hee~~!!

      1. hahahaha!! 😀 ya. i waited super long for my parcel though. because of the christmas season, it seems like there are alot of parcels waiting to get through the custom. or so they say. O.o i cant wait to recieve them!! must exert some self control xD

    1. Hi there,

      What are the titles of the books that you bought from gmarket?


    1. I recently made a ton of orders to Gmarket and chose to test out DPEX for a shipment of 2 items. I ordered 9 Jan.

      Supposedly it arrived in Singapore yesterday, but somehow I’m not confident that they’ll deliver today or even tomorrow. -_-

      Good thing I chose EMS for my 3 other shipments.

      Even my order from Ebay which was shipped from HK via normal registered mail came a lot faster than my DPEX shipment…


      1. DPEX shipment is really lousy. >,< And their call centre service is slow. Since the price difference between the 2 services is pretty little, I'll always get EMS from now on!

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