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[Book Review] A Geek In Korea

The coolest geek that is.

I’ve raved about Daniel Tudor’s Korea: The Impossible Country and just when I thought that’s possibly the best book about Korea out there, I read A Geek In Korea which is also penned by Daniel.


I actually knew of the book when it first came out and the title and the overly colourful design cover made me thought that it was a book which was going to touch upon (very superficially) Korean culture, kpop, kimchi, plastic surgery and all that common stereotypes. If I have noticed the author of the book, I would probably have paid a lot more attention.

Which I’m glad I did now.

A Geek In Korea is in some sense a watered-down version of the book (Impossible Country) in that the issues are not covered with that much depth but still detailed. The plus is that there are many many great pictures and I feel that the coverage is wider, with a more personal touch to it.


It gives a very very good (and accurate) introduction of the country, its people and culture. I find myself nodding and agreeing to the points being mentioned, enjoying the pictures and having fun reading the small tidbits of extra information in boxes.


It would make anyone want to visit the country and for those who already know something, it provides a greater insight to the country that they might have previously simply visited for a short while.


I like how the book is very neatly organised into 10 parts, covering aspects from the traditional to the modern, from music, entertainment to Koreans at work and at play.


Again, what makes the book most remarkable is how accessible and easy to read it is and at the same time, depth of writing is not compromised.


Thumbs up!


Definitely a book to keep on your bookshelf!

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