7 In Korean learning journey (:

Because there is no time

Then you end up knowing what is most precious to you.

Because I have sooo little time that I can call “free time”, I end up proritising subconsciously and I realised that the first things to go are dramas and mindless internet surfing. D:

My dramas *wails*. I’ve even given up 로맨스 필요해 2013 and if you know me, you know how big the sacrifice is when I choose not to watch sung joon ):

I’ve also given up (mostly) on reading kpop news or other random things online. I havent even look at my blog stats for weeks!!! Haha.

So what’s left is really Korean (and Japanese). Whenever I am free now, I’m always reading something Korean. If I have at least an hour, Ill be reading 대한민국사. If I have very little time, Ill read some other resource books or online articles.

Remember the Korean learning log I (used to) keep? Hahaha. The one listing all the articles I read that month? Will try to go back to it again and read more articles on politics and economics (:


The other day I had one hour in the evening, so I continued to read Infection Game. Im almost done with that book (: Also, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some reading time on train rides to work too. Not all the days though. >< Since I have a lot less time for languages these days, every moment I get to spend time with them makes me very happy and I really try to make full use of the time >< Treasure the time you spend on ur passions (:

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    21 March, 2014 at 4:51 PM

    Thanks shana (sorry if I mispelt ur name) for this post. It reminds me that I have to better organize my time spreading across work, passions and many other things, with which I have been struggling lately, and also for past many years.

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    21 March, 2014 at 5:48 PM

    I can somewhat relate! After two years of studying Korean, I feel slightly more bored whenever I study Korean nowadays. TT_TT

    Just a question. How much spoken Korean can you understand at the moment? Sorry if this question has been asked before!!

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    22 March, 2014 at 12:29 AM

    Being busy makes us want to spend more time with our languages.

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    22 March, 2014 at 11:32 PM

    Funny how I always yearned to study Korean language during times when I have more important/ urgent things to tackle…

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    23 March, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    Haha… it seems to be the opposite for me when I’m busy. I drop the actual studying part and instead focus on watching Korean television (by which I mean The Return of Superman… Tablo’s daughter is way too freaking adorableㅋㅋ)

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    26 March, 2014 at 5:56 AM

    how’s your comprehension with korean dramas?? I don’t watch them and I don’t like them but for japanese dramas I like watching them with japanese subtitles because sometimes it’s hard to catch or they use a word or grammar I don’t know.

    do you watch them with english subtitles and not bother looking up what you can’t catch or don’t understand or don’t know (that’s fine, you can learn from whatever source you want so you don’t necessarily have to dissect k-drama dialogue)? or is it so easy to understand for the most part that you don’t get much of it? (with learning korean) but even then you can learn fromthe 5% you can’t catch or don’t know etc.

    my korean is susbstantially worse than my japanese but I was checking out this gag concert bit with the유해어 느낌아니까 because I found out from eatyourkimchi

    and anyways I couldn’t catch some of what she said as in i have no idea what sounds i’m hearing lol (it’s very annoying and frustrating to look up whatever you hear or you think you hear or variations and then come up with all the possible ways to spell it in korean and i probably can’t even up with all the possible spelling). this happens to me in korean sometimes and other times they don’t really say anything difficult (well “unknown” to me) or fast so i have this illusion that my korean better than it is lol (I think I have somewhat of a grasp on daily conversation and commonly used korean). it’s definitely important venture out and see how bad your korean is lol. so anyways i just dumped 聞き取れません.何と言ったか教えて下さい QUestions on chiebukuro to learn from it. i’m curious if it is that funny. it seems like a fun skit from the way soo zee described it on eatyourkimchi.

    the other thing is do you know this 유행어. I’m curious as to how popular it is. i have a bad impression of gag concert because everything i’ve seen from that which isn’ t alot seems really dumb and “lazy” almost. but this skit is funny and interesting to me with my 50% understanding lol.

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    26 March, 2014 at 5:58 AM

    oh and i don’t really want to force you to watch the video or anything but i would be really impressed if you were able to catch everything they said in the show. how do you feel about your comprehension in korean? are you satisfied? what media do you find more challenging and also become able to comprehend better/more (with more exposure by listening to it more or looking up words and grammar)?

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