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Uh. How is it that the last post was in January?! I know time has been passing by really quickly, but it hits me hard when I visit my blog and realise that I’ve been MIA for the past three months. It’s an ongoing struggle of trying to keep up with the necessities of adult life (e.g. job) and then trying to carve out a space for myself. I’ve been trying (not too hard), and yeah, failing.

Finally found enough discipline to sit down this morning to study Japanese. I’m going to re-take JLPT N2 again this coming July. Cos I’m not ready for N1 yet. hahaha. It also serves as a motivation for me to study and to do more. This morning, I (re)-learnt 4 grammar points. Realised that I had ticked them off my grammar dictionary, but I can’t recall what they meant. Sigh.

Sometimes I think I don’t really know how to study Japanese. Unlike Korean where there’s a series of textbooks from level 1-6 published by major universities, I haven’t come across something similar in Japanese. Does anyone has any recommendation for advanced Japanese textbooks? I’m mainly reading novels, and using JLPT preparatory grammar books to learn the grammar points. Which I don’t find it efficient.

Listening to my fav piano pieces performed by Yuja Wang. I don’t really see myself as a classical music lover, but somehow I’m drawn towards her performances. Really hope to see her perform in person, but it doesn’t look like she has any recitals etc in Asia in 2019/2020. ):

On a side note, I love quiet weekends.

Jumbled mess of thoughts. Losing the ability to blog and write in coherent paragraphs.

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    Evellynn Chua
    10 May, 2019 at 1:36 PM

    I think you can try reading Japanese newspaper articles to help in the grammar and comprehension section.

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