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Back on Lang-8…!

(for now)

urgh. It’s funny how I seem to be very conscientious and consistent in my language learning (in general) but that I can be super horrible when it comes to the small details. The last time I wrote something in Japanese (by that I mean more than 2 sentences) was in April 2013 (on my Japanese blog) and Sep 2012 (on Lang-8). And I only write Japanese in these two places…. HAHA. So apparently I only wrote Japanese twice this year. HAHAHA. I’m such a dedicated language learner -.-

(I had to search on my blog to find my ameblo url HAHA. Terrible)

But now, I’m back on Lang-8!

If your question is WHAT IS LANG-8, please read about it >>>> HERE.

I love the whole idea behind the site. Received 3 corrections for my Japanese entry!! *super grateful* I should do my part and correct more entries!

Mm posting the entry & correction will make this post too long, so go under the cut to read more!

Black: original 
Purple: Corrections aggregated from all 3 commenters 





やっぱり、”読み”と ”書き”は別々な事です。

やっぱり、”読み”と ”書き”は別々の事だと思います。




















Not sure if it’s useful if I post such stuff up. Everyone is different and we are prone to different mistakes. I think there’s not much use in reading about others’ mistakes since it may be even more confusing. You just need to do it yourself. Posting it here all the same cos it helps me that I can see every correction clearly.

hehe I feel like I’m writing Japanese like I’m writing Korean -.- Like using my 감각 lolol. It turned out so weird in Japanese hahaha. I think I’m more prone to making mistakes that Koreans will make rather than mistakes say… a Singaporean will make.

And yeah, I write Japanese with my “feeling”. For the past year, I’ve been studying Japanese entirely through reading novels. Previously, I did use textbooks to get the basics down, but to be honest I couldn’t even remember all the rules and conjugations for て、な forms etc. I kinda get it and the understanding got better after reading novels and seeing how they are used. But then again, whatever understanding I have now is still not concrete and all based on “gut feeling”.


hehe anyway I’m SUPER ADDICTED to Who Is Next: Winner, the YG reality program for their next boy group. Damn, at first I keep thinking that it’s super cruel to pit their own trainees against each other. I still think it’s cruel, but it seems to be a good way of making them improve a lot in a short time. Well. Super steep learning curve -.- Whatever plans YG have, at least all 11 of them have ample exposure to the public already – which is a good thing. I guess they are luckier than a lot of other trainees from other companies in this respect.

In any case, I’m totally emotionally invested in that show. I watch every single episode and I think I’ll continue to follow WINNER when they debut, and also the other team. hahaha can’t decide which team I like – I like both!! My eyeballs go to Kang Seung Yoon, Nam Tae Hyun (Team A) and Kim Dong Hyuk (Team B). lol. My ears go to Nam Tae Hyun, Kim Dong Hyuk and Song Minho hahaha.

My all-time favorite performance (so far) comes from Team A! Love the lyrics <3

Are you watching the show? If so, who are your favorite members?

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    15 October, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Please review An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese book…

    • Reply
      16 October, 2013 at 3:23 PM

      will work on it tonight 😀 Sorry to keep you waiting!

  • Reply
    16 October, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    there’s definitely improvement since the last entry with more expressions and grammar usage. at least with a large time gap you can notice drastic differences. what’s your style for writing lang-8 entries? for me i don’t look up words to write up the entry. i limit myself to maybe one word that i can look up. my thinking process is even if i look it up and use it in one lang-8 entry i’m not gonna remember it… so in the overall scheme of things it’s a waste of time. it was definitely true for the beginning stages where you have to look up everything to write anything lol. I just write what i know (my japanese with the vocabulary and the grammar etc) because even if i use the dictinoary to find fancy words and whatnot that’s not my actual ability and that doesn’t guarantee i’ll learn/remember everything I looked up etc etc. My personal advice to lang-8 users is to wait till you can say stuff instead of looking up every other word from english to japanese etc because you’re not gonna remember it anyway. it’s not productive in my view.

    • Reply
      16 October, 2013 at 3:25 PM

      mmm it’s an interesting topic. hehe worth a post! Will think about it and blog (:

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