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Awesome friends, common interests

You guys should know that I don’t usually post personal stuff here.

But I’ll make it an exception this time.

Because this precious group of friends are people I’ve met through this blog – all with a common interest: Korea / Korean

It’s really amazing how I’ve got to know most of the first via the blog <3

We all have different personalities but somehow we can mix very comfortably and I really value the friendships.

It was MJ’s birthday that day and we went for Korean food at Big Mama Korean Restaurant (near Tiong Bahru) and drinks later at WA bar in Tanjong Pagar.

To be honest, I don’t think the food is all that nice or authentic. :/ Definitely does not make my list of top favourite k-restaurants in Singapore. Perhaps I had high expectations – seeing how you need to reserve 2 days in advance o.O

The birthday boy (:


반찬 at Big MaMa.


We had 닭갈비 (with 볶음밥 at the end), 수육 and 해물파전 (unpictured). The 파전 was not bad!

This is the 수육. Not very good and quite expensive. :/



They are famous for 닭갈비. This was okay, but I guess I’m just too used to having people cook it in front of me in Korea lol. The 떡 is good though – chewy and yummy.




볶음밥 at the end.



Picture of the girls!


I have really shaky hands hahaha.


Obviously with this group of friends, we needed to go for 2차! Drinks! ^^

The camera does well at low lighting.


We had 소맥 😀 😀 Too bad the liquor prices here don’t allow us to keep doing 한 병 더. lol.


One more photo of the birthday boy.


술이 들어간다~~~


An awesome evening ^^

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    24 June, 2014 at 12:12 AM

    Hehe, I can finally steal the photos from you! Thanks for the nice photos of us~ <3 I'm also sorry I didn't take any of you. T_T;; NEXT TIME!

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