one absolutely bad thing about self studying a language is that you nv know if you are making a mistake. I dun have any Korean friends currently ): 한국 친주 없어서 어떻게 해요?! 여러분 가루쳐 주세요!! 고마워요. 혼자 공부는 것이 쉽지 않아요. 머리가 아파요. :/ 한국 알는 사람이 필요해요. If anyone who knows Korean happen to chance on this blog, please help me (: Anw I hope what I typed above was correct. hahaha

우리 결혼했어요. We Got Married!

I think I'm a lousy korean fan. I just got to know about the above korean variety show ): It all started when my friend was showing me the video in her Ipod. I love the Hwang Bo - Hyun Joon epsiode! haha its quite hilarious where he keep using formal speech and calling her 누나 (sis). And I totally laughed my head off when he insisted on cutting the couple T-shirt to make it erm less obvious (although i…

苏打绿’s Singapore Concert: 8月2日

OMG Sodagreen's coming to Singapore again! :D I'm really happy that their popularity in Taiwan and Asia has taken a spectacular rise. Sodagreen 蘇打綠 [陪我歌唱] 新加坡演唱會 2008 憑著 [小宇宙] 專輯, 蘇打綠以他們清新形象及優雅的演出, 獲得了全亞洲歌迷的一致讚賞! 2007年更是大豐收的一年, 除勇奪台灣及新加坡兩地金曲獎的最佳樂團大獎, 更在台北小巨蛋成功的舉辦了第一場大型售票演唱會, 創下台灣獨立樂團的輝煌記錄, 吸引了近一萬人前往觀賞, 讓全台灣見證了這支樂團的獨特現場魅力! 繼 “小情歌” 旋風後, 蘇打綠接下來的專輯也成為台灣五大唱片排行榜的常勝軍! [無以倫比的美麗]及最新專輯 “陪我歌唱” 更一舉拿下台灣綜合榜冠軍. 2008年蘇打綠近一步邁向全亞洲, 在即將展開的亞洲巡迴演唱會, 8月2日將會來到新加坡, 到時本地觀眾可以現場見證蘇打綠時而輕柔深情, 時而高亢激情的完美演出! Sodagreen [Sing With Me] Singapore Concert 2008 Sodagreen, the most promising 6 piece indie band from Taiwan stood out with their gentle, refreshing tone, stripped of pretense. The year 2007…

introduction (:

Hello everybody. This blog is a collection of my Korean loves (drama, music, language, culture) and as well as serving as my personal korean blog. Since i am currently learning korean, i shall attempt to blog in it. As i'm still a beginner, there will sure be mistakes. Please correct me :D 고마워요. Hopefully my entries will get longer as time passes, and this will serve as a testimony that my grasp of Korean has indeed improved. 안녕하세요. 오늘부터 여기…