Year-end motivation

If there is a peak to language learning motivation, I think mine comes at the year-end. It's the thought of "shit, the year is ending and what have I accomplished?!" that makes me suddenly very motivated lol. After spending an entire year some time trying to develop the optimal language learning routine (amongst all the other commitments blah blah), I hereby announced that I AM STILL NOT GETTING ANYWHERE. uh oops. There is some slight improvement over the months, but…


Time to revive the special series I had started back in 2012 (omg) when Korean learners/bloggers are invited to share their Korean learning journey! It will be nice if you can leave a comment after reading! ^^ To participate in the series, leave me a comment or drop me an email at shanna[@]hangukdrama.com. Check out previous entries HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdBrDgqJorY&feature=youtu.be The Beginnings You could say my interest in Korean began in 2008. I was a junior (or 11th grade in high…


快要過生日了。 這代表一年又這樣過了。這一年來,在某些方面來說,是忙碌充實的。學到了很多,體驗了不少新鮮事,也認識了不少人。認識,但不代表他們踏進了我的生活圈子。但在另一方面,我在乎的部分,我還是在原地踏步。一年又一年。 一直想跑在前頭,但最後我還是輸了。有些事情,不做,就忘不了。它像是在我心裡扎了根,讓我無法專心做其他的事。到頭來,我其實還在原點。 明年。讓我再試一試。

Reading Korean news articles

Trying to get back into the routine of blogging and studying. The blog has been badly neglected and I had wanted to spend available free time on actually "studying" instead of writing about how I'm studying and learning languages. Then again, I was reminded that this blog is very much an integral part of my learning journey and it shouldn't be sacrificed just because "I have no time". So yep, trying to carve out a good balance in my life.…