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April 2020 Update of Languages

Here’s an update to remind myself what I’ve been up to for the different languages this month!


Did the least for Korean this month. Was starting on a new novel 82년생 김지영, which gained a lot of traction and popularity last year (?) for its feminist theme and its portrayal of ordinary Korean women. Heard quite a bit about this novel, so decided to get the original to read. Actually I was supposed to finish the novel 해리 instead of starting a new novel, but 해리 is quite heavy reading (in terms of the theme), so I wanted to keep it aside for next time.


Consumed the most media in Japanese this month! hahaha I re-watched Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away!! Howl’s Moving Castle is one my all-time fav movie and I’ve a lot of fond memories of it 🙂 This is probably the 4th time or so I’m re-watching this and it’s still sooo good after more than 10 years. It also feels amazing that I’m mostly ok with the dialogue – who would know that one day I can understand Japanese 🙂 Spirited Away is another good re-watch. *shhh* But I used to hate the movie cos I was probably too young to appreciate the movie and its themes when I first watched it and I just thought the whole show was very very weird?! But ahh now I get why this is such a favourite.

Also started on Psycho Pass 3 (the animation). I think it’s reasonable to say that the Psycho Pass series probably played a rather significant role in my Japanese language learning journey. I loved the series so much I got most of the books and it never failed to make me more motivated in studying. Starting to read the Psycho Pass 3 novel too 😛


After not touching Russian for a couple of months, I was soooo afraid that I would forget everything. Luckily, my (very limited) Russian is still somewhat there, although I’m having trouble recalling the conjugations for adjectives and the plural form of nouns. Starting to get back into the (slow) pace 🙂 Am also starting to learn Russian cursive handwriting.


hahahaha this deserves a post on its own. I think it’s fate that I ended up starting on Thai! I do have interest in Thai and was thinking of making it the next language after Russian, perhaps in 2023. But guess what, I have started learning the Thai alphabet. More on that next time!

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