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Am I still on the N1 journey?

The other day, I was asked if I am still planning to take JLPT N1 exam in the near future. My answer is yes, but I do not have a timeline for it, and neither am I actively preparing for it. A couple of years ago, I was more motivated to “chase progress”, in that I feel good (about myself) when I intensively learn and progress in the languages that I’m learning. That said, the goal is always to improve my proficiency, and not chasing after test scores. The TOPIK and JLPT scores themselves do not matter to me. When I first passed N2 back in 2016, I was keen on getting my N1 soonish (in a year or two), but life happens (haha 輕描淡寫的帶過)and I didn’t have time to prepare. It was also not fun to prepare for N1, as the grammar points were not as commonly used and the whole process felt too dry for me. I had the same issue with TOPIK advanced (before TOPIK II kicked in), and I found myself having a mental block of sorts when trying to retain the “advanced grammar”.

I took the JLPT N1 test in 2019 December (after passing N2 in July) and I failed. I wasn’t really disappointed, given that I did not prepare much and didn’t feel ready at all.

Then COVID happened, and I’m not sure if it’s a direct causal link or not, but JLPT test fees increased! The N1 test now costs $130 hahaha and I can no longer “take it for fun”. So yep, the motivation to take N1 exam in the foreseeable future has dropped again.

For now, I would focus on improving my Japanese skills, mainly by reading and listening more. hahaha I know I should speak and write more, but unfortunately I have minimal interest in going out of my way to look for language exchange or to make friends to practice languages. Small talk tire me out. I may be more keen to write more. I used to have a Japanese blog somewhere on the net, hahaha and I no longer remember my login details 😛 Perhaps I should write my Japanese diary here and display my abysmal writing skills that are not befitting of the N2 level. But I read and listen at N2!! hahaha.

I enjoy Japanese novels a lot and I’m going to focus on reading more and enjoy the process. Gonna share about a couple of books which I’m reading in another post.

Till the next post!

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