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Alcohol and books make the world go round

well, my world at least.

Caved in and signed up for Kinokuniya membership, something that I’ve refused to do for a few years in order to save money. Well, it didn’t help that much, since I still end up buying some of the things I wanted. Heol.

Out shopping (so rare lol) and this means books and alcohol. FML.

Please don’t judge me.


As you can clearly see, I’m very much addicted to anime these days.

Or rather, one anime.

神様はじめました IS DAMN GOOD. tomoe

yes. I seem to have a thing for silver hair anime characters. And the eyeliner!! I’m not sure about the manga but the anime is well drawn and absolutely beautiful! It’s totally my kind of show, give it a go! If you know any other anime that has similar style, please recommend them to me.


Doesn’t the guy on the magazine (left side) look like Tomoe (the guy above)?! Turns out it’s a totally different manga!

Uncanny resemblance. oh well.

I always wanted to buy these books since I saw them in Kinokuniya years ago, and I finally understand enough Japanese to warrant the buy!! /cheapthrill

and yes, I caved it and bought one volume of the manga. I do weird things like that.

I bought the latest volume too, which is even weirder.



Ohh, and I bought 알밤 막걸리 which is Chestnut Makgoli! It’s a popular flavor in Korea, and I seldom see it in Singapore!

In case you are interested, there’s a very nice and well stocked alcohol section in Isetan Mart (Shaw Tower) and you get quite a good selection of Korean and Japanese alcohol. heh.

Christmas soon! I make it a point to take a photo of every christmas tree I pass by. Here’s one!



/ithinkisoundveryhappyinthispost lol

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  • Reply
    27 November, 2013 at 2:49 AM

    I don’t know which is better ~ the absolutely beautiful Christmas tree or the manga with the dude with the sliver hair (deff getting that once my level of Japanese understanding improves)


    • Reply
      29 November, 2013 at 11:24 AM

      hehe i choose the dude (:

  • Reply
    27 November, 2013 at 3:45 AM

    OMG I love 神様はじめました!I watched the first season earlier this year and was sad when I ran out of episodes. It was great listening practice too since I was finally understanding what I heard. I can’t help but love Tomoe, haha. He has a temper but he’s still lovable. XD Definitely getting the magna once I study more. It’ll be my reward for when I do the JLPT 3.

    That tree is so beautiful… TToTT

    • Reply
      29 November, 2013 at 11:28 AM

      yes!!! I loved every episode. Actually every moment. xD The interactions between Tomoe and Mizuki is so cute too <3 hehe can't wait for season 2! Manga is soo expensive though D:

  • Reply
    27 November, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    omg u like the chestnut one?! i tried it once and was like bleahh ><

    • Reply
      29 November, 2013 at 11:29 AM

      heh the first time i tried it i dun like too, but somehow it grew on me hahahha. now it’s like one of my favorites lol

  • Reply
    Lucie D
    30 November, 2013 at 7:08 AM

    Mmm, chestnut Magkeolli. How many flavours are there? I’ve only had the original one (not sure if “original” is the right word)…. 😀
    When I go to Korea on my long dream holiday, I plan to try all flavours of makgeolli and other interesting alcohol I can find…. XD Not sure if that is a good idea.

    And seeing the manga I am reminded I should go back to practising kanji. I was quite consistent in my kanji studies for about 3 months… but then kinda stopped. So everything I learnt has faded… -.-

    • Reply
      8 December, 2013 at 10:16 AM

      heh no idea, there are looooads! I like 복분자 막걸리 xD heehee it’s gonna be one alcoholic holiday lol!
      to be honest, I can’t imagine learning kanji from scratch. It really saves me a lot of time and effort because I know the characters ><

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