A wish came true

25 December, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Finally, after countless of half written posts, I’m finally back here again. It has been a very busy year end, and while I would like to say that everything has been great and awesome, er not really. But never mind, let’s not talk about that.

On a (much) happier note, I’m blogging from Japan!! 😀 In 2015, I told myself that I would want to spend New Year 2017 in Japan. For a period of time, it felt like an impossible task. I experienced many downs in this period, a lot more than I did mention here in this blog and it was a tough time. Many lessons were learnt, and I also learnt to be contented and grateful for little things in life.

Feeling really grateful and happy to be back in Osaka, my favourite city in Japan ^^. When I touched down last night, I felt SO grateful to be here again, in this city where I had good memories (: Things might have changed, but it’s all part and parcel of growing up and finding yourself.

It’s a good time for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. The 3Rs which I really need now. It’s good to take some time away from my life back home, to really reflect and see how I could improve. The past month hasn’t been easy – made mistakes, felt stupid, doubted myself etc. Negative feelings aren’t bad, it’s just how you try to harness them to change for the better.

Ok I digressed.

Yup, just being happy to be back in Osaka. It’s a very unplanned kind of trip, even by my usual standards. To questions on what I want to do / where I want to go, my answer will be “er I don’t know?”. Okay I think that’s a pretty frustrating answer so I will go see where I wanna go later.

It’s also the first time I travelled alone to Japan! 😀 😀 So I walked in the neighbourhood alone just now and I was like half excited half apprehensive. Weird feeling heh. I think I’m just too used to feeling at home in Seoul (I haven’t been to other countries).

While I would like to go out and explore, I decided to take it easy this trip. Which means just “living” here and being my usual 宅女 self. heh. So that means I won’t be like a go out at 10am come home at 10pm kind of travelling mode.

I even regretted bringing my camera here but NO I SHOULDN’T BE. I should feel more guilty about not bringing it out often enough. I guess.

It’s 2pm right now and I think I’ll take a nap HAHAHA.

Gosh I could learn to love this kind of holidays too.

Merry Christmas! Leave a comment if you are reading this (:

    1. Have a Merry Christmas Shanna! And a wonderful time in Osaka. Dont forget to take some time to smell the [japanese-esque roses] okay!

    1. I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and having a restful break in Japan. Lets hope that 2017 is kinder to both of us. Much love. xxxx

    1. Have fun in Japan! it was nice to see your post again! 🙂 take care and have a fun and blessed trip!

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