A little effort, a little progress

26 January, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Been steadily working through An Integrated Approach to Japanese and I’m happy that I just have 1 more chapter to go!


Been putting the grammar dictionary to good use too! (: Learning a few grammar structures each time!

How can this post be complete without a few notebook photos? Heehee


Moving on to read a chapter or two from Infection game, then watching WINNER TV unsubbed (that shall serve as Korean study today) and then relax for the rest of the day!

P.s. Dropped by Don Dae Bak Korean restaurant with a friend for dinner and decided to try their SGD$19.90+ meat buffet (dinner). Damnnnn good and super worth it. Best value deal for a korean bbq buffet and friend agreed too!


Too busy eating to care about taking photos. Lolol.

P.p.s i recommend the marinated beef, marinated shoulder loin and marinated chicken. Pork belly is pretty damn good too!

    1. Your notes are always look so neat, sharp! Like you’ve practiced endlessly composing those characters. Also, those look like Korean books instructing you in 일본어, what a great way to keep up on both simultaneously.

      1. yeah it’s like multi-tasking and learning both at the same time! 😀

    1. Nice notes you got there I wish I could write that neat lol.
      I should be doing what your doing using another language to acquire another in my case using Japanese to acquire Korean I did find a book written in Japanese that apparently almost all the basic grammar that a beginner Korean learner needs under their belt to progress to the intermediate stage of learning but it never seems to be in stock at Kinokuniya in NYC and I doubt I could import it from Japan without shipping costs killing my wallet in the process -__-

      1. mmm I think it’s possible to ask Kinokuniya to bring it in for you! The price should be cheaper than importing that one book from Japan on your own!

    1. I bow down to the master of handwriting OTL
      Looks better than a computer font. I think I discovered a new fetish? xD

    1. watching stutff raw can turn into studying too like i almost always look up something while watching japanese talk/variety shows.

    1. Your notes are like… language porn. I just wanna get up and study more. XD By the way, what kind of notebook are you taking your Japanese notes in?

      That buffet looks amazing! ;A;

        1. Thank you! 😀 Now I’ll finally get to try Korean stationary. I’ve been using Campus and Tsubame so far, and I love the paper quality, but I was curious about other brands.

          It will never cease to amaze me how these notebooks (with great paper) are US$1-2 in their countries, but a Mead composition notebook (nowhere near that quality) is about US$4 OTL

    1. I also used Integrated Intermediate Japanese, except in English. Great book cover more then N3 and cover some of N2 as well given the difficulty as you reach the end. I need to go back to that book in a month or so after going through N2 materials as I skip some of the reading due to their difficulty and length. Wow did you write all those Japanese yourself, or is it copy from another source for reference? I was in a slump for a while regarding my language study for Korean, but reading your older post and new post regarding Korean and Japanese, really give me the drive to study.

    1. Are those chinese characters? Or kanji? 😕 haha

      That’s what discourages me fom studying other asian language. There are a lot of lines(or strokes?) in every character. haha I’m thankful Korean only got a few strokes in every character and easy to remember.

      Btw, I see no spaces in your notes. :O Why is that? Is spacing not that necessary in japanese?

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