A little bit of Korea at home

22 January, 2014

#notserious post

Hahh. Everyone needs a little getaway every now and then. Plane tickets are expensive, so I’m glad I found a little bit of my sanctuary right here at home.

Shopping at Too Cool for School


(Yes. Eggs! If I’m damn free ill try my hand at doing a “beauty post” but I consider myself good if I can even go beyond washing my face and slapping on moisturiser)

In any case I really like the mousse texture! (: I got them during a promotion.

Chilling at Smoothie King and pretending that I’m at the Edae outlet


Eating 순두부찌개 at Wang Dae Bak


Eating the 붕어 ice cream I used to love


A look at the inside


Hehe recently I loveeed going to Bugis Street. Hearing all the kpop and seeing the familiar fashion is so <3 And it's more affordable compared to the malls! Or... just be at home with my books! Review of the left book coming up soon!! (Psst. It's good!) image

Do you have your own “mini getaway” route?? Share yours!!

    1. I’m also using the 빈도별 TOPIK book! Looking forward to reading about how you find it. I don’t think I’ll be taking TOPIK soon though.

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