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9th Singapore Korean Speech Contest 2014

Ever since I started to learn Korean in 2008, I make it a point to go for the annual speech contest if I’m in Singapore. I have also participated in two of them – 2009 and 2012.

I genuinely look forward to the event every year but it’s kinda sad to see it … becoming less anticipated every year despite the huge increase in Korean learners.

I still remember fondly when the event was held in an auditorium in 2008 and 09. You could really feel the intensity and air of formality. There was a sizeable crowd and there were like around 15 participants or more. It truly felt like a contest and everyone came prepared, some with props or what not.

Then the event started to be part of a larger Korean festival and the speech contest started being held in shopping malls…. Somehow it didnt feel the same anymore. The spectators didnt have a space to sit and the event felt like a side event that no one really cared much about. The number of participants seemed to decrease too ):

This year, there were only 9 participants in the final round, and it was the same number in the preliminary round too lol. >< The hall in SKIS was rather empty, and there were few spectators that werent part of the contestants’ friends or family.



Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the speeches. The air of informality isnt necessarily bad. I had a lot of fun listening to all the speeches. I particularly liked the speech of the last contestant Wesley. I could really feel his enthusiasm for the language and when he brought out his notebooks I was like WOOOTS!! hahahaha. Fellow notetaker here lolol. I get the impression that he really has proficiency in the language. Side note but sometimes I cant stand it when contestants seemed to be able to deliver a decent speech but cant understand simple sentences (when spoken to him or her) or say something impromptu in Korean lol.


My camera is really limited when it comes to faraway subjects lolol. Sorry for the crappy photos but my camera cant zoom HAHAAH.


All the contestants

In any case, I still look forward to the next speech contest but hopefully it will be an event that is truly anticipated and appreciated by Korean learners.

Met a few blog readers / friends for the first time! ^^ Yay, thanks for saying hi!


Went out for bingsoo after the event with Jamie, one of the contestants. First time eating bingsoo in Singapore and I’m addicted. 😀

Ask me out for bingsoo ok!

For more blog posts on past Korean speech contests:

Till next time!

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    9 November, 2014 at 10:20 PM

    I was surprised by the number of contestants too! I saw videos of previous years’ contests and I was expecting some 14 or more contestants!

    The certificates were different too, compared to previous,uears! I was anticipating to get similar to previous years’ certificates but this hear, it was on a plain black file!

    Nonetheless, I was happy that I got to participate! The only part I regret was being too nervous and forgetting my speech! Definitely going to improve my Korean, overcome my stagefright and take part again next year!

    I also would like to apologise for not talking much to you even though I wanted to! I’m an awkward person and I hope there’ll be more chances for me to speak to you again at the contest next year!

    – Ryan

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    10 November, 2014 at 1:39 AM

    Was planning to give it a shot this year but ended up in Taiwan instead 🙁

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    10 November, 2014 at 12:07 PM

    When I read your story about participating in a speech contest, I looked up one for Japanese and surely there is one. In my town on top of that. I will make sure mark down my calendar for next year. It seems to be a good event to go to.

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