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70th TOPIK II Experience and tips

It hits me once again that two years just passed like this. It doesn’t seem that long ago that i was typing out the 57th TOPIK II experience and tips post, nor did the 43rd TOPIK, 30th TOPIK and 26th TOPIK feels that far back.

It’s my 6th time taking the exam, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting (or easier). I get asked pretty often why I take the exam so often. Besides the practical reason of wanting to renew my certification (it is valid for 2 years), I see it as a way to do a “stocktake” of sorts of my progress and efforts in the past two years and more importantly, as a motivation to do better for the next two years. I love taking language exams (if not for the fact that they can be expensive). It also feels pretty cool to have a group of Korean learners gathered in one room – I wanna know everyone!! hahaha.

Ok, back to 70th TOPIK. Actually, my friends and I signed up for the 69th TOPIK that was supposed to happen in April, but due to postponements of the exam (COVID!), it ended up being the 70th TOPIK paper that we took!

Overall, I felt that the paper was tougher than the 57th TOPIK. I thought it was just me (and omg did my Korean standard drop?!!), but my friend also echoed the same thoughts. Usually I’m not the type that would like to go through the exam questions after it ends (haha so Hermione-ish), but I was sooo obsessed over a couple of questions which I had trouble with that after the exam, I still remembered the vocabulary that tripped me up. Went to search them up on Naver dic right after, and hence I know that I definitely got 2 questions wrong for the reading section.

NOOOOOOOOO. (says goodbye to any chance of getting 100 marks for the reading section again). Dang. Reading was supposed to be my strongest skill.

My key takeaways from the reading paper:

  • 일조권 (日照權) – the right to enjoy sunlight (in one’s home)
  • 고무적 (鼓舞的) – encouraging
  • 부실 (不實) – poor
  • 늦장 – dawdle / slow

Yup I will remember these 4 words forever!!! haha while the reading paper has always included passages from a wide variety of topics, I felt that the topics this time round was rather… technical and specialised. There’s a whole passage on 일조권 LOL. That’s oddly specialised. Now, it’s time to read more!!

Writing. Writing was … a disaster as usual. I think I lost my ability to plan for an essay within minutes in an exam setting. I spent half the time rolling my eyes over my weak points while writing them out. 自己鄙视自己。

Listening. Listening was not too bad, although I stopped understanding 100% of the passages towards the end. ;;;

Watch my YouTube video to hear more thoughts on the TOPIK exam, my experience and tips. (so lazy to type these days).

If you have taken the exam, please share your experience and thoughts too!!!

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