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#7 毎日が地獄です PART 2

Welcome to hell erm I mean the second part of our hellish journey to Beppu. I mean.. to the Beppu Hells!

Hell #4 かまど地獄 (Kamado Jigoku)


Known as the “cooking pot” hell, visitors would be greeted by a large statue of a demon cook over a hot spring (which the sign kindly reminded us that it’s 100 deg cel).

I really love the colour of the springs!


It feels and looks magical (: Really love the colours!


Another one (:


The waters would supposedly make you 10 years younger (haha look at the Korean sign!) but the plus one and I decide not to risk our tongues. ><;;


I love onsen eggs! But I guess 2.5 eggs a day is enough eggs. I kinda regretted not trying the pudding. I love Japanese custard puddings :3


This mascot is so huggy hahahha okay la hug you! (even though I don’t like hugging people…..) Spot the Kenshin keychain on my bag 😛

Hell #5 鬼山地獄 (Oniyama Jigoku)

Also known as the hell with lots of crocodiles. Probably the most hellish of the hells?

Plus one was pretty happy there and I guess she wanted to bring back the hot spring water which is supposedly good for breeding crocodiles :/


Imagine it’s all smoggy and suddenly… SNAP!

hahahaha okay probably not going to happen since the crocodile were in separate enclosures.


Many many enclosures! I got pretty sick of crocodiles ><

Hell #6 白池地獄 (Shiraike Jigoku)

Apparently this one is good for breeding piranhas… What’s in the water?


Don’t be fooled by its appearance – like a very soothing milk bath 😛


Okay by the 6th hell, we were pretty used to seeing smoking waters lol.


I have many shots of the plus one’s 背影!!!

The last two hells were a bus ride away and hence we decided to take a break from hells and have lunch!

DSCF0332Lunch was at this quaint small restaurant that seems to sell mostly soba!


Might not look like much, but it was yummy! But the plus one and I agreed that we would prefer the tempura served separately, not a fan of soggy stuff.


Everywhere’s smokin’ in Beppu.


Hell #7 血の池地獄 (Chinoike Jigoku)


Another interesting colour! (I’m running out of descriptions)


I love these stone seats! 😛


Fiery red mascot!

Hell #8 龍巻地獄 (Tatsumaki Jigoku)

This one was pretty interesting!


Went in the compound and saw this and I was like… I see no hot spring. The area was an amphitheatre-like compound with a few people sitting around. Turns out that this hot spring only shoots out water at very specific timings (every 30-40mins or so) and each time it would last for a few minutes.

Decided to buy ice cream and wait for the ‘show’. DSCF0376

Soon the area was filled!


The poor mascot which came in and stood in one corner (everybody ignored him lol).


Supposedly the hottest hell out of the 8! It was pretty cool 😀 The stone at the top prevents the water from shooting all the way up (:

Seeing so many hot springs made us wanna soak in one (a safe one) ourselves! This was also one of things I looked forward in the trip!

Till next time 😛

Credits: Plus One (for contributing some of the photos!)

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