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6 more days!! ㅠㅠ

Have not been posting/checking this blog regularly for the past few weeks ): Too busy playing and studying etc ^^ My first trip to Korea is coming to an end, and next week is final exam week!! omg this will be the first time I’m taking speaking exams for Korean and to say the truth, I’m really apprehensive!

It will be in the form of a one-to-one interview (around 10 mins) whereby the teacher will ask questions related to the topics that we covered in class (politics, economics, environment issues, social issues !!!!! ) and we are supposed to express our opinions etc.

I think I have a very erm interesting Korean learning journey, for lack of a better expression. Who goes to Korea for the first time, get placed in the highest level, (for some strange reason) and end up having to take such a difficult first speaking exam? ㅠㅠ

I’m trying to squeeze in some revision time in between my play time xD I’m going out again in 20mins, so I’m just using this time for a quick post. Realised that i don’t really like to study Korean just for the sake of exams. ):

Have tons of new vocabulary, grammar constructions, 관용어, 속담, 사자성어 etc to remember! >,<

My luggage is definitely overweight. If you ask me what I’ll miss most about Korea, it will be the people here. ^^

oh another random thing. I’m secretly pleased when random people tell me that my Korean is really good. Or the astonished look on their face when they realised that I’m actually not Korean. ㅎㅎ

Store owner: where is your friend from?

Me: Oh, we are both from Singapore.

Store owner: huh? *confused look* You are from Singapore too?

Me: yup!

Store owner: oh! I thought you were Korean! Your Korean is really good!

Me: nahh, it’s not that good yet. ( hehehe *grins*)

I know I’m not THAT good yet, but I’m still super happy ^^

Going to work even harder from now on!! 화아팅!!!

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