43rd TOPIK 2 Results

30 December, 2015

My 4th time taking TOPIK.

So many years have passed but the TOPIK site is still as terrible, making it impossible for mac users to check their results (you have to download some program that is only compatible with windows and IE).

It was my first time taking the new TOPIK format and you can read about my experience here.

Overall I thought the paper was manageable, but with many things, what you think may not be what it is. HAHA.


/hides in shame for 쓰기 hahahaha (but I did wrote nonsense)

I totally didn’t study for the test, but that isn’t an excuse for the mark. The first thing I thought of when my friend sent me the screenshot was – okay let me retake the test next year. ><

I will work really hard on 쓰기 from now on!! As much as I know that I have to improve on all counts and skills, I have the tendency to focus a lot more on reading, which is something I love to do. But now I think I need to write more!

But I’m pretty happy with my 듣기 scores 😀

One thing I love about taking TOPIK is that it will make me fired up and motivated to learn more! ♥

If you are interested, here are my past results post:

Share your results too!! ^______^

    1. I passed 2급 back in June, forgot to enroll for next January’s test… Not sure I would actually get a score in writing in the Topik2 test 🙁
      6급 합격 축하드립니다!

    1. Wow~ congratulations!

      I took the test the first time in July? and ended up with 5급. I actually only studied 쓰기 and I think I also got a 62..! @.@;; Maybe one day I will try for 6급 too!

    1. I’m confused. Didn’t you pass level 6 last year which is the highest level?
      Are you taking the same test next year ?
      Does the new format void your previous pass or something ?

      1. Yep I did, in 2013. Unfortunately, every TOPIK cert is valid only for 2 years! I guess it normally doesn’t matter but who knows if I’ll need the cert for anything special – so I usually try to make sure it’s officially valid. I’ll probably take it in 2017 again (:

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