4 In Seoul | Namhae 2015

#4 When in Namhae, eat..

When in Namhae, eat 짜장면!

(says no one but us HAHA)

Watching Fantasy Couple would really make you associate Namhae with delicious 짜장면 and that’s how it ended up on our must-eat items there.

After touring the German Village, we decided to flag a taxi again to go to a beach (a random decision).

Luck wasn’t on our side and we couldn’t flag any taxis at all. Well, there were all cars. We briefly considered putting up a sign and try to hitch-hike but we didn’t have paper HAHA. Decided to take a bus and after asking for instructions, we stood at the bus stop (okay I just sat down on the steps and refused to move).

And waited.

and waited.

and waited.

There were two ajusshis standing around and I decided to ask them on the directions. Turned out that there weren’t from the area themselves and were waiting for their family to tour the village while they stood beside the car.

This spun into an almost 40 (?) minutes long of conversation with the two ajusshis who were (as usual) fascinated by us hahaha. I’m sooooo glad that my listening skills (whether for the standard or accented Korean) are pretty okay.

Spoke to so many random people in Namhae.

When the bus finally came, the bus driver also talked to us LOLOL. There was a 할머니 who joined the conversation but her heavily accented dialect proved to be still too much for me hahaha. Could only understand parts of it.





The long awaited JJM!


Trying to emulate her but okay she prettier!

Craving satisfied!


Patbingsu for dessert!


Bought a tub of strawberries for the ajumma to thank her for all her help <3

Decided to have dinner near our pension house and were told that there was only a tonkatsu place. At first we were really sad but it turned out that there were two seafood places next to the convenience store within 6 mins walk!

Picked the more popular one and wow it was a hidden gem! The place is famous for abalone and we ordered the 정식 (set) for 18,000won.

For those who love seafood, this would be like almost paradise~~ (cues song)


Look at the spread!!

The side dishes were delish but look at the stew 😀


At first I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me since I swore I could see movement. Turned out that I was right. The abalones were ALIVE omg. Mine weren’t that active but the plus one’s ones were moving very obviously lol.


Super great meal! I let the abalone die in the hot soup for a bit before eating it and it was like superbly fresh (of course right..). The whole stew was full of seafood and there were sooooo many clams that I wished there were less. Usually it’s the other way round when I eat seafood in SG – a few measly clams. The plus one is a seafood devourer so she finished everything while I was still struggling with at least 10 clams in my soup HAHA.

Managed to finish everything and it was indeed a satisfying meal.

Well, we needed the energy to get OUT of the pension house by 5.30am to reach the terminal in time to catch the first bus to Busan in order to catch our ferry to Fukuoka. What a convoluted sentence (and plan).

Till the next post!

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    26 May, 2015 at 8:12 PM

    You should try Dalin Korean restaurant 달인 in singapore! It’s in the tanjong pagar (amoy street & boon tat street) area and there are 2 restaurants from the same family (the bosses are a Korean couple! But they aren’t in most of the time)… The other is called Dalin 2 but they’re within walking distance^^ I love the food there, thought you might wanna try it!

    • Reply
      30 May, 2015 at 11:44 AM

      Heard of that place before! Will try it sometime!

  • Reply
    26 May, 2015 at 10:29 PM

    It’s interesting to follow the journey but I don’t understand what’s a ‘plus one’. Your friend?

    • Reply
      30 May, 2015 at 11:43 AM

      hahaha it’s actually my bff haha! Just called her that because once she went to an event with me as a “plus one” lol

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