1 In Seoul | Namhae 2015

#3 Namhae German Village

After touring the 다랭이마을, we set off for the German village.

It was lucky that we managed to flag a taxi to take us to the place (another 20,000won++ gone…). Namhae is really not a place where you travel on foot or public transportation. ><


Really glad that the taxi ajusshi stopped at the hilltop so it was easier for us to walk downhill while exploring rather than the other way round lol.


It was quite a touristy place with shops selling stuff from Germany and also random things made in Japan LOL. Nothing appealed to us since we could get those imported goods in Singapore too.


Looking too happy.


Couldn’t take beer in the morning (so many people ordered that!) so we settled for some good German sausages.


Sigh. Pickles. ><


The German Village!! Decided to visit the 예술촌 before going down to the village.


At first we had our doubts since it was late spring already (what if all the flowers had wilted?!) but there was a long queue and we decided to trust the majority lol.


Turned out to be quite a pleasant walk. It was a huge garden and there were many cafes inside too. Pretty interesting how they have different country-themed gardens but they actually look rather similar to me.

Or maybe I just don’t appreciate gardens and flowers.


I always look happier over there.



Came across this cafe which was extremely popular and judging by the conversations of the people around me, many people actually came just to visit this. The plus one and I had no idea who she was but we still went in and … saw her in person. hahaha. There were quite a number of people who lined up to take a photo with her but we decided not to do it since we didn’t know who she was. (now that I googled, she’s actually an actress and I watched some of her shows before OTL)


More gardens.


More flowers.


More greenery.




hehehe the highlight of our trip!! We seriously just went to Namhae because of our love for Fantasy Couple, a 2006 Korean drama HAHA.

My all time favourite drama.


Spot the house!!!

It’s been almost 10 years so the place kinda look different already ):


The pavilion from which Billy was spying on the house lol.


Okay I can’t expect them not to renovate the house at all but still…. ):




The road where 나상실 always run up and down. I admire her strength seriously lol. It’s actually pretty steep!

Deep life lessons within that one clip 😛

Till next post!

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    21 May, 2015 at 8:54 PM

    Wow more pretty places to visit! The garden was beautiful but I imagine it’s not a great place to go if you have allergies.

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