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24/7 in 2008

Morning! Feeling grateful that some of you guys have been enquiring after my health (glad it’s not jaekyung style)! Im still not all recovered but I consider it a positive sign that im at least out and about, instead of lying in bed allll day.

Listening to SE7EN’s 24/7 album and that is bringing back soo much memories.

I have a tendency to put an artist/song/album on repeat so some songs get strongly associated with a certain period of my life.

24/7 was the album i listened to when I first started self studying Korean. Listening to it again reminded myself how hardworking and passionate I was back then >< I worked really hard then. :/ I just cannot do the same these days. I dont really think the spark for Korean is gone but rather the spark in me hahaha. Im just not motivated enough to do anything


Baby steps.

Im gonna go home and read 2 articles in Korean, make some progress in the new novel I started and if I have time, write something in Korean. (:

Ohh funny (kinda) story to share.

I usually buy novels out of a whim and not because Im looking for that title in particular. Many many years ago I bought big bang’s autobiography without even knowing who they were lol.

The previous trip I bought a book titled 한손에 잡히는 초한지. 초한지 was in a much bigger font so until the other day, i kept thinking that the book was titled that. It looked like a historical novel and the book cover caught my attention so I bought it.

Read a few pages and names such as 劉邦,
項羽 cropped up. I was damn confused on why names in Chinese ancient history are cropping up and I belatedly realise that 초한지 is actually 楚漢志!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha and now Im even more confused cos that’s supposed to be an ancient Chinese novel and Im left wondering if the events did happen cos the characters did exist in real life.
>< In any case, im enjoying the book (: P.s. nothing beats the fact that I bought a Korean-translated parenting book (back in those days when i couldnt even read a book title in korean lolol)

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