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2019 JLPT N2 Experience

On 4 Dec 2016, I wrote the following about my first JLPT N2 experience:

1. I’ll very likely fail it, or in the best scenario, scrap a mediocre pass. 
2. The listening was really tough. 
3. I was not prepared at all.

Almost three years later, I will say the same things again hahaha. It’s entirely my own fault, but I felt really unprepared. I walked into the exam room not remembering what is the format of the JLPT exam and if the listening came first or not. Word of advice: don’t follow my bad example.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and I was in such a grumpy mood. For one moment (or more), I contemplated to skip the exam cos I just want to hide at home and wallow in my own unhappiness. (lol sulky kid much) But I remembered that I had skipped the N2 exam last year and told myself sternly that I would not do the same for no good reason. So I dragged myself out, bare-faced, uncombed hair and all. And I was glad I did.

Cos I felt soooo much happier while taking the test. I should do it every half a year or so, cos it’s really like language therapy. To spend a couple of hours concentrating on solving questions in a foreign language is a bliss. Really. It takes my mind off things and I’m truly immersed in a language I love.

The paper itself was rather challenging, and I felt even more so because I haven’t been practicing (or keeping up with) Japanese for a long while. While the front sections were technically supposed to be easier (?), I was stumped. I only felt more at ease at the reading section. I’m ready to face lengthy passages, but not “short” questions asking me how to read a particular kanji. I always fail at that. So I ended up feeling reasonably confident about the reading portion, but the grammar/vocab section was a total fiasco. I went with my “gut feeling” for quite a few 🙂

The listening portion was really difficult. I felt that I was relying more on my examination skills by picking up key phrases here and there and piecing information together, rather than understanding the whole dialogue. Definitely not good. I still have a long way more to go, before I can reach the same proficiency as I have for Korean, and even then, I’m not that good in Korean too ):

Nevertheless, I walked out of the exam room visibly happier and more motivated! 🙂 Which explains why I’m typing out this long post on my laptop. And I even have my N1 books now 😛 Time to start studying – for N1 in December! Ok, that’s on the premise that I pass N2 this time round. We’ll see.

But yes, it was a good day indeed.

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