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2018 – New Year Resolutions

It’s the start of yet another new year! 🙂

Somehow the concept of a brand new year fills us with energy and motivation, as well as hopes. We should always live ever single yday of our lives with such enthusiasm, not only when it’s the new year. That said, it’s a good opportunity to start on a “fresh slate” again and a good time to (try) accomplish new and unfinished goals and dreams.

  1. Accomplish #2018282
  2. Keep up with language learning and blogging
  3. Be a healthier, positive and happy person
  4. Be a good friend 🙂
  5. To find the special someone

hahahaha I contemplated whether to write #5, but then again why not 🙂 Although I’m so used to being alone, I still want to find someone where I can really share the ups and downs in life with.

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