2016 Dec JLPT N2 results

26 January, 2017

I don’t know whether it was a good decision to checked my JLPT results at 11 plus pm, because I’m now sooooo 興奮 I cannot sleep. And I have work tomorrow. 

Well, I technically forgot all about JLPT results. Hahaha it reminds me how I got to know my N3 results only when the notification to get the certificate came by the post and I was like eh what is this? Lol. 

Ok so here’s the results. 

Hahahahaha I’m sorry I’m posting my results everywhere, but I’m just so happy I passed 😀 

Although I’ve not been very consistent with my Japanese studies, it’s still an achievement for me ?.

After a few times of on and off studying, I re-started learning Japanese in Jan 2012, from hirigana. Passed JLPT N3 in July 2013 and while I originally aimed to take N2 in Dec 2014, it got delayed one way or another. But! Finally (: 

Will take this as motivation to learn more and do even better! 

And so, this is likely the last post in the N2 journey category 😀 

    1. I knew you would passed. I remember you sounded so pessimistic in the other entry right after you took it. It would’ve been more interesting if you took n1 since it is a multiple choice test. I don’t know much about jlpt Your score doesn’t seem anywhere near failing

      1. I mean that it would have been more suspenseful as to whether you passed or not if you took JLPT N 1 since you know all the languages that are advantageous to Japanese which are mandarin, korean, and english and it is a multiple choice test. Imagine if you didn’t know korean or mandarin. It would be a damn nightmare. English is also helpful with all the strange katakanized english they use.

    1. Congratulations! I’m glad you did it! Look at that reading comp score, haha. N2 is a level I can’t wait to get to. It’s exciting to me while N1 is more on the scary side. Everyone says it’s so hard, but that’s probably what makes it well worth the challenge once it’s passed.

    1. Wow, congratulations! I hope I can someday pass the JLPT and TOPIK tests. I had a question on studying Korean… I have seen your posts on learning vocabulary through articles and books instead of lists, how would I do that? 🙂

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