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2012 7th Korean Language Speech Contest (SINGAPORE) – Applications

YAY! This is something that I am very very very excited about!! 😀 😀 I attended the 2008 and 2009 contest, there wasn’t one in 2010, I was away in 2011 and now it’s back!! 😀 😀 For some strange reason, I’m super happy about standing in front of everybody and speaking in Korean ><; Applications for this year’s contest will be open on the 8th of October! The following is taken from the SKIS website. 

7th Korean Language Speech Contest

Sunday, 11th November 2012, Katong Mall

Organised by the Singapore Korean International School and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the 7th Korean

Language Speech contest will be held in Singapore on Sunday, 11th November 2012 at Katong Mall.

This speech contest is a platform for foreigners to display their Korean language skills as well as to share their views with other Korean language lovers. Please participate actively in this contest.

5th October 2012 (Friday) to 23rd October 2012 (Tuesday)


Free topic related to Korea, Korean language or Korean culture


Singaporeans and Foreigners living in Singapore. 2010 & 2011 contest prize winners may not apply.
Required Documents

Please send via email to skis@outlook.com with subject 7th Korean Language Speech Contest

  • ·    Completed application form with passport photograph (download application form below)
  • ·   Copy of Identification Card (both front and reverse side)
  • ·   Korean Speech manuscript (3 minute long speech; 1 to 2  A4-sized sheets)

Speech Contest Rounds

  • 1.      Announcement of Primary Manuscript winner

27th October 2012 (Saturday)

※The results will be posted on our website and the winner will be notified

  • 2.      Preliminary round

3rd November 2012 (Saturday), 1pm – 4pm, SKIS assembly

※Contest Finalists will be announced

  • 3.      Finals

11th November 2012 (Sunday), 2pm – 5pm, Katong Mall

For more information:  contact : 




For the application materials, please go to the original SKIS site HERE 

I’m sooooo definitely going to be there 😀 As a spectator or contestant, I don’t know yet. We’ll see. 😀 😀  It’s kinda strange, because in another (more detailed) briefing material that I’ve received from the school, prize winners (meaning those who won 1st / 2nd) from 2005-2011 are not eligible to apply, which means those who have won 3rd are still eligible. Those who have stayed in Korea for more than one year are not eligible too. (I haven’t!!!)

In any case, go apply!!! 😀 😀 hahaha it’ll be super fun to see all the Korean learners around! Even if you feel that you are not ready it, come for the event!!


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