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It’s a torture to leave behind my bookcase, so I guess I should read more while I’m here with my books. After finishing Strawberry Night (ストロベリーナイト), I’m reading Symmetry, which is also a novel in the same series.


Is it strange to say that I’m more a fan of the song than the singer? hahaha. TEDDY is damn talented and it’s amazing that he can write songs of so many different genres / feel. Hard to imagine that the guy who wrote 2NE1’s Lonely is the same guy who wrote this free spirited song. I guess that’s what you call talent?

이제야 세상이 내 편에 있는 것만 같애
무언가 찾아 헤매던 내 영혼이 너를 만났을 때
It was Friday night 검은 하늘엔 별이 빛났고
시간이 멈춰버린 채로 내 심장은 너와 춤을 췄네

Love this part. ❤

I guess I am just a sucker for songs depicting youth, hope, dreams and courage.

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