4 In Japanese learning journey (:/ Korean learning journey (:

존재감이 떨어진다

You know how some people have loads of presence and some have very little presence? I think I belong to the lower end of the spectrum, and I’m pretty good at fading into the background (without meaning to). O.o which is not really a good thing lolol.

I digress.

This year is like the complete opposite of last year. If last year I did all I can to bring Korean to all aspects of my life, then this year I’m doing the opposite.

Like all other things in life, there is always a good and less good way of viewing things. To put it nicely, I’m exploring other things outside of Korean and to learn and grow more. Or you can say that I’m just screwed up and being lost and abandoned my dreams.

I’m actually pretty happy about things being the way they are now (: putting some time and distance helps. ^^

I’ve reached somewhat a plateau in Korean learning. There’s so much more to learn but I get stuck in the comfort that i can understand Korean media and whatever i need to. There isn’t a motivation to improve.

Still trying to find a way to overcome it but recently I’m starting to miss reading books like 전우치 which I think is a good sign.

It feels like many people around me have “moved on” from Korean / kpop and what not, and sometimes I get the illusion that I’m being left behind…

Have you guys felt that way before?

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    28 January, 2014 at 2:46 PM

    I have; but I always find my way back. Its more than ok to venture but come back. We wait for your adventures and lessons.

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    29 January, 2014 at 5:47 AM

    During my teenage years I used to draw and watch anime a lot. I loved anime and it, in turn, inspired me to draw in a similar style. But with the discovery of Korean pop and dramas, anime kind of faded away slowly. Eventually I stopped watching it and I lost my inspiration in art. I got used to real people in dramas so now the animation of anime seems too static and emotions too overplayed at times. Drama and k-pop characters don’t inspire me to draw, either, like anime characters used to. I still like anime and I don’t mind watching it, but if I’m looking for something to do in my free time, the thought of watching anime just doesn’t pop up anymore, neither does drawing. I guess I moved on, and I might or might not return to my old hobbies in the future, only time will tell.
    With Korean though, I don’t see this happening to me. I like k-pop because I have always liked this kind of music for as long as I can remember myself, so I don’t think my tastes will change drastically (and in any case, korean music offers genres of any taste). Sure, I don’t drool over k-pop idols as much as I used to at first, and the increasing perversity in MVs is starting to annoy me, but I still like the music itself just as much as before. As for dramas – no one tires of watching movies, right? And the Korean culture and language, even the littlest things, excite me just as much as they used to years ago, even after my trip to S. Korea. So I’m sure my love for Korea is for life. <3
    I think you will come back to Korean eventually. Like you stated before, it's just that you inadvertently associated Korean with stress. I believe it will take your brain a while to forget that shock, but the negative feelings will fade with time. The most important thing at this moment is not to force it. I would just focus on Japanese for now, if I were you, and come back to Korean when you feel a certain longing for it.
    Sorry, this came out waay longer than I intended initially ^^;

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    30 January, 2014 at 10:26 AM

    I”m experiencing it too. like my friends who used to share my likes on Kpop Kdrama have suddenly moved on, they’ve lost interest and slowly we have less interest to share and they no longer want to know more about them. I get the illusion should i “move on” too? but reading your post made me realise hmm there are people who feel the same as i do. So i’m not alone so don’t be discouraged!

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    11 February, 2014 at 12:35 AM

    It happened to me with Korean and drawing. But I always turned back. Sometimes all you need is a break. ^^
    My friends change interests a lot. I just don’t try to keep up. Since hobbies are a part of a person.

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