0 In Japanese learning journey (:

일본어 공부~~! ^^

Been conscientiously working on the KUJAP book that I bought recently ^^ Decided to start from the beginning and I’m currently at the 5th lesson. And I’m already loads more vocab/grammar structures than what I’ve learnt during the 2 semesters of Jap classes I took O.o And I love self-studying. I’m not saying classes are not good, but I prefer classes which are interesting and fast-paced. And not asking me to repeat and repeat after the examples again and again -.-


look at the amount of new vocabulary per lesson 😀

And I’m addicted to BOSS Season 1 😀

Recently I’ve been studying Japanese in the morning, slacking in the afternoon and studying Korean in the evening. Pretty much my type of life. LOL. Sorry, I’m just not that sociable and outgoing. I’m perfectly happy to be left alone with my books and the com.

I’m learning some grammar points from a book written in Chinese. But I’m too lazy to write down all that traditional Chinese characters in my notebook, so I just wrote everything down in Korean. And it comes out quite naturally (:

Can’t wait to start on BOSS Season 2! yay 😀

Listening to Turn It Up now 😀 😀 😀

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