2 In Korean learning journey (:


So random, but humans are highly adaptable to new stuff. It doesn’t take long for us to become used to a thing/situation and as time passes, we forgot how things are like in the past. It occurred to me that I’m now so used to my big imac screen that when i looked at laptops, they seemed ‘wrong’. And just a month or so ago, I find the imac screen disturbingly big.

Back to Korean. I feel the same way too. Korean is now an integrated part of my life. I’m used to being able to read/write/speak/listen that I forgot how it is like when I started learning it. Korean is the first foreign language that I’ve really put in effort to learn. It is so different from English and Chinese that I was bewildered by it. The concept of a ‘word’ is so different that I was confused when I tried to input a ‘word’ in Korean into the dictionary and realising that it doesn’t work. I remembered being frustrated and wondering why Korean is so complex.

I forgot how it is like to watch Korean dramas and wondered what in the world they are saying. To be unable to segment any part of the speech and thinking that Koreans speak way too fast. All I hear was sounds. It’s interesting to see how much I have progressed from that stage.

sorry for all the randomness. I think the point of the post was to say that humans get used to things too easily and they forgot to appreciate them and give thanks. And to be humble and understanding.
I got lost in my ideas halfway through :/

blame it on the upcoming exams >,<

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    15 December, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    Hi! I stumbled on your blog by chance when I was searching for good Korean learning resources. Your post will serve as an inspiration to me to really work hard in studying Hangul. I’ve just started self-learning it for some months now and I get this feeling that I’m not progressing and it’s getting more difficult. Reading this made my resolve to study stronger! Thank you!

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      15 December, 2010 at 10:58 PM

      Hi Jem!

      self studying is not an easy task. I hope you will persevere on ^^ it’s normal to hit bottlenecks now and then, just dont give up (:

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