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우리 결혼했어요. We Got Married!

I think I’m a lousy korean fan. I just got to know about the above korean variety show ): It all started when my friend was showing me the video in her Ipod. I love the Hwang Bo – Hyun Joon epsiode! haha its quite hilarious where he keep using formal speech and calling her 누나 (sis). And I totally laughed my head off when he insisted on cutting the couple T-shirt to make it erm less obvious (although i think it dint work) 😀

What made this couple more interesting is their age gap. Hyun Joon is seven years younger than Hwang Bo. OMG no wonder he feels so awkward being ‘married’. (:


Currently watching pure 19 now. I cant pinpoint what’s so attractive about that show but somehow I just lovee it. Usually I’m one of those who would baulk at the prospect of a 167 episodes show. but somehow, I’m glad that its long. At least I find that the show wont be as draggy as Seven Princesses. And the couples are cuter.

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