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성질 급한…

ㅎㅎ I bet you will be thinking 한국인 right? 😀 That phrase has been used so many times in CFs it’s stuck in my head too lol.

But nope. It’s ME. ME ME.

Maybe that’s why I have an affinity with Korean and their culture. I hate waiting and I like to do things fast and efficient. So you can say that I really don’t like tardy and slow people. ><; I can take things slow at times but that doesn’t mean you can make me wait or screw my schedule. lol.

Urgh. Trying to get some stuff done at the moment, but impeded by stupid things (technology wise), so I’m gonna leave it aside and do other stuff (i.e. study Korean). lol (: I like to be ahead of schedule (given my way) and totally hate rushing out stuff last minute. hehe maybe that means I can never work in the Korean drama industry 😛 My heart can’t take all that “excitement” ㅋㅋ

I need to rest my eyes these few days though. Been spending a lot of brainpower and eyepower(?) in front of the comp and my eyes are protesting already (hurt like crap). D:

Been updating the tumblr again, so if you want to check out my “photography”, click here.

Photography in inverted commas because I can’t even be considered amateur. All I do is point and click hahahaha. In any case, those who have been reading the blog long enough will know that I love to take long walks alone and I’ve quite a number of photographs from my walks! ^^


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    20 February, 2013 at 12:00 AM

    I’m trying to get back into this habit. I still like being ahead of my schedule and can’t stand getting behind it for someone else just because they wanted to take their time on something miniscule. Buuutttt I’ve been behind schedule with college, dance, language learning, and my blogs that it makes me wanna flip all the tables. D:<

    I'm hoping to get back into the habit within the next month though. Especially with Korean. The poor thing is sitting in a corner crying while Japanese is laughing at it. Usually, it's the exact opposite with Japanese/Korean language learners. I'm a special case. XD

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    20 February, 2013 at 12:17 AM

    I think we all get distracted by technology, I feel like it’s sooooo hard to not to get distracted by it lol. I’m surprised you don’t procrastinate sometimes, I feel like it happens so often to me ㅋㅋ but it’s weird because I always want to be early if we are meeting at a location or for school haha.

    Ah nice eyepower, I wonder what is the best to say that haha. But yeah you definitely need to rest your eyes, I feel the same after doing so much studying. Do you use your glasses when you are studying?

    Nice photography!! It’s just having fun and expressing yourself through the camera and point of view! I think a lot of us just point and shoot hahaha. I hope you will keep uploading more pictures like those 🙂 It seems so awesome. ^^
    Btw I noticed how you say ‘inverted commas’, is that what Singaporeans say for ‘quotation marks’? Also I think we all use those the quotation marks when we talk in person haha.

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