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샤나의 이야기 #1

(i should be studying, i dunno why i’m doing this)

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an audio diary for quite some time and I have recorded some stuff now and then. But hopefully, this will be the real start of my audio diary! This is inspired by 경은 언니, who once said that she wants to record down her voice and see how it changes over time. ^^ For me, I wanna record down how I sound in Korean. Hopefully with each recording, I’ll improve!

Unlike some previous recordings, I have not written a prior script/notes on what I am going to say. So this is going to be super random and probably full of mistakes too. >,< I’ll try to think of specific topics to talk about next time~

p.s. The tumblr blog is NOT going to take over this wordpress one. That’s just a space for my personal ramblings. I wish I can upload audio clips on wordpress for free though :/

Please drop me a comment/feedback ^^ I’d love to hear from you guys~~~

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