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[Korean Slang] 빠순이

Word Category: Noun

Meaning: hardcore fan

Usually used to describe female fans that are crazy in love with male idols / groups and will queue for hours to go for music shows, go to all the concerts, buy collectibles, decorate their room with posters etc.

The typical example being Korean drama Reply 1997’s Sung Shi Won. As exemplified in the following video

빠순이 is different from 사생팬 (but fine line huh?) in that it doesn’t have the connotations of going out of the way to invade the artiste’s privacy or do creepy things like (up to your imagination).

I guess it’s also part of a 빠순이’s nature to believe that she is different from other fans – she knows her oppa(s) the best, she is unique, she will definitely be the best gf/wife for the said oppa(s) given the chance. Isn’t that what we all think? ^^

And let’s not forget the “my oppa is better than your oppa” arguments with other 빠순이s

I count myself as a fangirl but perhaps I still have to work harder to reach the 빠순이 standard. The closest I ever get to that is for Big Bang – seeing how I’m a regular reader of bigbangupdates LOL. And I keep up with most of their videos / songs / performance videos etc

Just as I swear that I’m going off kpop (besides big bang and 2ne1), YG has to debut a new boy band. I tried so damn hard to resist the temptation to watch WIN (Who Is Next), the reality program pitting two groups of YG trainees against each other for the title of WINNER.

But once I click that PLAY button, there’s no turning back.

Damn. I love both groups sooooooo much, couldn’t make up my mind who I like more. But now.. I’m totally in love with Team A. Or should I say WINNER? 😛

Favorite member singing my favourite song!!! 주원 sang this on 2D1N, 강동원 too.

My life is complete. (spoken like a true fangirl heh)

I watched this like 20 times already ㅎㅎ

If you haven’t watch the show, GO WATCH.

Seriously, it’s just so inspiring see how hard they work for their dreams. This is probably why I loved 세상에 너를 소리쳐 (Big Bang’s autobiography) sooo damn much. To me, it’s not about reading about my idols, but the inspiring messages and stories in the book.

/stops fangirling.

DYING. This song is from 닥터코어 911 but no idea what the title is. Lyrics >>>> HERE

hehe this song doesn’t use the nicest language, but damn it’s good.

너네 부모님보다 그 새끼가 더 좋아
누나보다 엄마보다 그년들이 더이뻐

HAHAHA. /dying

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  • Reply
    29 October, 2013 at 6:32 AM

    this korean slang word isn’t that bad, i can actually actually guess the meaning. I remember i came across other words that were ~순이 . I found it in my anki deck . it was 짠순이 / けち。 守銭奴 but i do not know those word even though it’s in my deck lol.

    • Reply
      30 October, 2013 at 4:04 PM

      hehe i didnt know about 짠순이 thanks!

  • Reply
    29 October, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    i’ve heard so many korean covers (including some of my favorite korean singers) of yuki no hana but i never feel as much emotion as i do from the japanese version. i think it’s because the original singer’s voice is so unique.

    • Reply
      30 October, 2013 at 4:04 PM

      I always thought it’s a Korean original song o.O now I have to find the Japanese version.

      • Reply
        30 October, 2013 at 7:33 PM

        You’ll be in for an experience. Not sure if ull like her voice but lots of people do. It’s very unique.

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