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너 떡국 몇 그릇 먹었어?

맛있는 떡��

맛있는 떡국

‘How many bowls of rice-cake soup did you have?’ That’s the literal translation of how Koreans ask the age of another person (usually children). By Korean’s way of calculating, I ate 20 bowls of rice-cake soup as of today 😀

오늘은 제 생일이에요. ^^

Due to the fact that I don’t have 떡 or 미역 (seaweed) at home, I shall substitute with cheesecake instead 😀 It’s stupid to buy an entire cheesecake home to fatten myself, so I guess I will just get a slice to celebrate. Speaking of cheesecakes, I like the berry cheesecake in McCafe. It’s pretty decent, with a palatable price too. haha but i still lovee the cakes at bakerzin!

Thanks for all those birthday wishes, whether you happen to see the facebook notification or you really remembered, I appreciate all the well wishes 😀

Rewatching Meteor Garden 2 right now. Although it seems like Michelle Saram has alot more screen time than Shan Cai and that the storyline no longer follow Shan Cai & Dao Ming Si’s love life, I personally find the sequel more mature. I think it’s good that both of them could have some time to grow up, especially Ah Si. Anw, i really like Michelle’s character in the story (Ye Sha). She’s someone who’s always positive and finding meaning and joy in small things in life. I really admire her for it. Perhaps it’s because I’m someone who likes to think too much for my own good.

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  • Reply
    15 November, 2008 at 11:53 AM

    하루 늦지만 생일 축가드려요 🙂
    만으로 이십 세가 되면 성인이 되네요~~

  • Reply
    18 November, 2008 at 6:51 PM

    Your post reminded me that Koreans eat rice cake soup everytime the lunar new year arrives. So this is how they count years of age too! 😆

  • Reply
    23 January, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    So how do you reply to this question?
    저는 스물 일곱 가릇 먹었어요?

    • Reply
      24 January, 2011 at 8:09 PM

      i guess if the question is directed to children, they can answer it that way since it’s cute and the number will be less than 10 xD

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