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걷자!!! ^^

Awesomeee! Went for one of my walks today and for the first time, I’m not alone! ^^ So happy that I found a walking partner who understands my way of walking heehee (the kind where you kinda have no destination or even if you do, you walk there instead of taking the train!)

We started off at 신도림 D-Cube City, had lunch, walked to 영등포, and nearly walked into 여의도 before we decided to make a move for 노량진 fish market. So walked for another 40 min (or more?) to 노량진, walked about in the market, went to the area near Kyung Hee University, had dinner at my friend’s place and then ended off the day with 빈대떡 in that area~!

one word: awesome!

Too many places in one day, it’s so hard to fit everything into a blog entry!! D: Uploading the photos right now onto the Facebook page, should be up soon~!

신도림 D-Cube City is a relatively new shopping mall opened a few months ago and I an safely say that it’s definitely going to be one of my favorite indoor hangout areas!

Things worth looking out for:

  • Pororo mini theme park
  • rooftop garden / space outside each level
  • FOOD – Jessica’s Kitchen
  • Shopping: H&M, Uniqlo, Zara and more
  • Art theatre
  • resting space

I’m writing this at nearly 12am so I’m a little sleepy. But I really love D-Cube city for its spacious layout and all the awesome decor. And loads of resting spaces/seats for the shoppers. I hate it when there’s no/lack of seats in shopping malls. Shoppers need a place to rest!

Jessica’s Kitchen is a must visit if you love Italian buffets. For around 18500won – 22500won, you get to enjoy an awesome buffet! They have a decent selection of main dishes, an awesome salad bar and GELATO ice cream for the dessert!!! There’s another outlet near the SK Global House of Yonsei University and I was there once. Awesome food.

Don’t just stay in the shopping mall. There’s an outside gallery/space at each level and the atmosphere there is really cool. Nice place to enjoy the breeze (right now) and to see some nice architecture.

Walked to 영등포 next and I love how each neighbourhood in Seoul has its own unique flavor or atmosphere. There’s alot of steel / metal workshops along the streets and from the viewpoint of a Singaporean, I find it really interesting. You won’t get to see such workshops in Singapore. I’m sure they exist, but they are not in your normal neighbourhoods and they are usually located in somewhere more secluded.

This is NOT photoshopped. LOL and it was just located at the entrance of the workshop. I am not so insane to go in and take a photo hahaha

Decided to skip 여의도 since I’ve been there quite a few times and we decided to walk all the way to 노량진! ^^ haha it’s not a short walk (around 1 hr or so) but I love walking instead of taking the subway train (probably takes 15min?). You see much more in this way! We had to walk on the road itself for a stretch since there wasn’t any pavement and it was really weird as we were besides the car. No one in their sane mind will actually walk there and there was a taxi who actually beckoned us to get on. LOL.

But the walk was worth it! I LOVE THE FISH MARKET. I’m not sure about you, but I love walking in wet markets (provided it’s not damn crowded), especially seafood markets. 😀 😀

Me like. There’s a special festival going on and the atmosphere there was really lively. It’s so nice to see people enjoying the fresh seafood, sashimi and soju! Once you walked for a stretch, you would find that most of the stores sell the same things, but that doesn’t reduce my excitment!

My friend told me that you can get 회 (korean sashimi) at cheap prices here and there was one stretch of stores where the owners would actively look for customers. I don’t like that kind of culture and I think they are doing themselves a disservice by trying to advertise their store too actively.

We were full, so we didn’t get any seafood to eat. But my friend bought prawns and flower crabs from the festival that was ongoing. We decided to drop by his house so that he could drop off the seafood. This was the first time I’ve been to a Korean friend’s house (the kind where it’s a proper Korean family home) and I was a little nervous but excited. I got to meet his mum and she invited me to stay for dinner. 😀

Walked around the area after dinner to digest (I really love to walk) and it was the Kyung Hee University area ^^ Awesome~ and we had supper LOL

The place was probably famous for it’s unique shaped 빈대떡 and 파전 and we had the 고기빈대떡! ^^

Guess what is the dark red drink??

복분자 막걸리 –> combination of my two favorite Korean alcohol wahahaha!


The photos are all HERE on my facebook page~~~

Things I want to do

  • walk across the longest bridge of Hangang
  • visit more parks



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