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苏打绿’s Singapore Concert: 8月2日

OMG Sodagreen’s coming to Singapore again! 😀 I’m really happy that their popularity in Taiwan and Asia has taken a spectacular rise.

Sodagreen 蘇打綠 [陪我歌唱] 新加坡演唱會 2008

憑著 [小宇宙] 專輯, 蘇打綠以他們清新形象及優雅的演出, 獲得了全亞洲歌迷的一致讚賞! 2007年更是大豐收的一年, 除勇奪台灣及新加坡兩地金曲獎的最佳樂團大獎, 更在台北小巨蛋成功的舉辦了第一場大型售票演唱會, 創下台灣獨立樂團的輝煌記錄, 吸引了近一萬人前往觀賞, 讓全台灣見證了這支樂團的獨特現場魅力!

繼 “小情歌” 旋風後, 蘇打綠接下來的專輯也成為台灣五大唱片排行榜的常勝軍! [無以倫比的美麗]及最新專輯 “陪我歌唱” 更一舉拿下台灣綜合榜冠軍. 2008年蘇打綠近一步邁向全亞洲, 在即將展開的亞洲巡迴演唱會, 8月2日將會來到新加坡, 到時本地觀眾可以現場見證蘇打綠時而輕柔深情, 時而高亢激情的完美演出!

Sodagreen [Sing With Me] Singapore Concert 2008

Sodagreen, the most promising 6 piece indie band from Taiwan stood out with their gentle, refreshing tone, stripped of pretense. The year 2007 has proven to be a fruitful year for Sodagreen, where they won both the [Best Band] Awards in 17th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan and in Singapore Hit Awards months after. They were also the first indie band to hold a concert at the Taipei Arena, which attracted close to 10,000 audiences.

Sodagreen will kick start their [Sing with Me] Asia Tour Concert in 2008, and their Singapore concert would be held at the MAX Pavilion on 2 August 2008. Come and let Sodagreen bring you through a night filled with both gentle affection and resounding fervor.


2nd Aug 2008 (sat 8pm)

The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo

Standard – $148, S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68

): Their ticket prices are so expensive. I really regretted not going for their previous small size concert ): more up close and personal with cheaper tickets. Anw I hope that they could release a concert dvd or something. although it will be nowhere close to the live experience. ):

I particularly love their song 无与伦比的美丽. 青峰 is one talented singer and composer. I am sure going to support their 4th album 《陪我歌唱》.



CD1 Live

  1. Little Universe (小宇宙)
  2. Temporarily Out of Control (暫時失控)
  3. Theory Of Relativity IV (相對論IV)
  4. City Stuck In Rain (被雨困住的城市)
  5. Memory (記念)
  6. Floating (漂浮)
  7. Creep
  8. Spider Sky (蜘蛛天空)
  9. It’s My Sea (是我的海)
  10. oh oh oh oh
  11. Blue Eyes (藍眼睛)
  12. The Only Thing I Care About Is You (我只在乎你)
  13. Frequency (頻率)

CD2 Studio

  1. Murmur (呢喃)
  2. Sing With Me (陪我歌唱)
  3. Lover Animal (愛人動物)

蘇打綠-陪我歌唱 MV

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