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I guess this is also a form of coping mechanism. 


Finally finished Legend of The Condor Heroes 2008! All 50 episodes! I’m still very much in my  c period drama obsession period. This was a great watch until the very last few episodes where everything was suddenly very haphazard and rushed. But I’m watching it simply for Ariel Lin and Hu Ge. I can watch their interactions forever. 

I think I would never want to work in the television / drama industry since it would totally spoil the drama viewing experience lol. And I love watching dramas. 


Thinking of taking TOPIK II in November (the exam date is so close to my birthday!) so I need to brush up my “advanced grammar”. I can never remember them since a number of them are archaic and not quite often used. I’m thinking of reviewing a few everyday after work and I’m going to start tonight! Should be productive before I start getting glued to another series. 

I’m using the topik book I’ve reviewed earlier, in case anyone is interested. ^^ 

Feeling a little guilty that I didn’t manage to study much for JLPT this year :x, especially since May when I became really busy (and lazy). 

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