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普通の日曜日に :D

Blogged twice today. I think I really love writing. xD

Learning my very first Japanese song. And I decided that this should be the first song that I learn ^^ So much memories~ I think I grew up on this anime, its various drama and movie adaptations. lol.

Found the hiragana lyrics online! And complete with the Hangeulization of the lyrics and the Korean translation! LOL. If anyone is interested, read more to see the lyrics!

I hope you guys aren’t upset / disinterested that I’m posting more on Japanese these days D: Korean posts will still come! And the satoori ones. lol.

ロムるのもいいけど何か書き込んでよ〜 hehe a new sentence I learnt! 😀

Japanese slangs are so cool. Basically it means don’t just look and browse but write something (comment) too!! 😛

ロムる –> ROM (Read only member) hahaha.

p.s. And the song title is so apt~! It’s indeed a 普通の日曜日 today 😀

Smap 평범한 일요일 (ふつうの 日曜日) Lyrics
Stepping Out Don’t be Worry, Sunday Comes,
It’s Your Day

Stepping Out ふつうの にちようびに
Stepping Out 후쯔우노 니찌요오비니
Stepping Out 평범한 일요일에

Stepping Out きせきが おこる It’s My Day
Stepping Out 키세키가 오코루 It’s My Day
Stepping Out 기적이 일어나지 It’s My Day

いますぐ パジャマを ぬぎすてて
이마스구 파쟈마오 누기스떼떼
지금 당장 잠옷을 벗어던지고

あのこに あいに でかけようか
아노코니 아이니 데까께요오까
그 애를 만나러 가볼까.

싫어하면 어쩔까해서

しせん そらしてた
시세응 소라시떼따
외면하고 있었던

くらめの きおくに このさい Say Good Bye
쿠라메노 키오쿠니 고노사이 Say Good Bye
어두운 기억을, 이번 기회에 Say Good Bye

だいすきな くつは いつだって
다이스끼나 쿠쯔와 이쯔닷떼
애용하는 신발은 언제나

しあわせな ばしょへ つれていく
시아와세나 바쇼에 쯔레떼유쿠
행복한 곳으로 데려다주지.

だきしめたいのは だれかじゃなく
다끼시메따이노와 다레까쟈나쿠
감싸안고 싶은것은 다름아닌

フェイクじゃない じぶんさ
훼이쿠쟈나이 지부응사
거짓없는 자신이야.

せのびせずに… うつむかずに…
세노비세즈니… 우쯔무까즈니…
고개를 쳐들지도, 숙이지도 않은채


Just I’m Stepping Out ふつうの にちようびに
Just I’m Stepping Out 후쯔우노 니찌요오비니
Just I’m Stepping Out 평범한 일요일에

Stepping Out ちいさな Try Try Try It’s My Day
Stepping Out 찌이사나 Try Try Try It’s My Day
Stepping Out 조그마한 Try Try Try It’s My Day

いつも ちかみちを さがすけど
이쯔모 찌까미찌오 사가스케도
언제나 지름길을 찾지만

きょうは よゆうだね まわりみち
교오와 요유우다네 마와리미치
오늘은 느긋해. 우회하는 길.

いま ときが とまった こうさてん
이마 도키가 도맛따 고오사떼응
방금 시간이 멈춘 교차로.

あたらしい かぜが ふいて
아따라시이 카제가 후이떼
새로운 바람이 불길래

どきどきして しんこきゅうして かけだしてた
도키도키시떼 싱고큐우시떼 까께다시떼따
두근거려서 심호흡하고 내달렸었지.

Just I’m Stepping Out ふつうの にちようびが
Just I’m Stepping Out 후쯔우노 니치요오비가
Just I’m Stepping Out 평범한 일요일이

Stepping Out ほんとうは Wonderland
Stepping Out 혼또오와 Wonderland
Stepping Out 실은 Wonderland

Just I’m Stepping Out ユウツな にちようなんて
Just I’m Stepping Out 유우쯔나 니치요오난떼
Just I’m Stepping Out 우울한 일요일 같은건

Stepping Out あるはずない ない ない It’s My Day
Stepping Out 아루하즈나이 나이 나이 It’s My Day
Stepping Out 있을리 없어 없어 없어 It’s My Day

It’s My Day

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    nothing wrong posting several times a day… I used to make only one post a day too, but I don’t dp that anymore. I actually don’t mind as long as the content is interesting
    These days I deleted old posts, now I wan’t to fill out my blog with interesting topics and I like to put different topics into different posts.

    Before I started focusing I used to learn Japanese in the past too, you made me wan’t to restart. I’m not sure yet…
    I am wondering how you manage it to learn two languages, I guess you are a student?

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