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今天花了蠻長的時間坐在電腦面前打字,但一點也不覺得累。 原來做自己喜歡的事是這種感覺。

好好笑。 平時的我不常用中文打字,今天打的份量可說是超越半年的份量?。 好啦,我常讀不常寫嘛。 可是寫起來還蠻順手的! 尤其今天的主題是美食! (:

寫著寫著,學到的東西很多,也更加了解自己不足的地方。 好久沒有感受那麼深刻的動力,那種想要更加努力的動力。 和期望。


8年前,如果你告訴我我的人生會與語言息息相關的,我會說”怎麼可能啊”。 粗俗一點的話會直接罵你神經病。哈哈。

我找到了自己。 很慶幸。

但我還要更加努力。 現在的我還不夠格。



謝謝。 (:


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    12 November, 2015 at 8:49 AM

    Hi Shanna, may I ask how do you source for part time translation jobs? (I know it isn’t your job but but I can’t think of a better word) Also which is the best textbook you would recommend for learning Japanese and Korean grammar? I’m trying to read books and articles but I can only understand the vocabulary but not the grammar so it’s really confusing… Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for starting this blog. You are really inspiring and motivating as a local female role model.

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      12 November, 2015 at 9:36 AM

      Hi Angie!

      I don’t actually source for them >< The few things I'm doing now actually come from my contacts/friends (: As for learning Korean grammar, if you are looking for a series that goes from beginner to advanced, probably can try Ewha / SNU series! As for Japanese, my learning journey is a lot more haphazard, so I've used a number of different books (some Korean, some in English, some in Mandarin). I quite liked An integrated approach to intermediate Japanese (even though the articles / dialogues are quite dry). I guess a lot of people would recommend Genki but I haven't really used it before! Thank you for reading the blog <3

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