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For some strange reason, I love buying Japanese novels. And I can’t wait to get more, so I guess that serves as a motivation to read them so I have a legitimate excuse to BUY.

(maybe a year later?)


heehee. I just love looking at my collection!

Haven’t been doing much for N2 lately, stopped learning new grammar structures. >< The only thing I’m doing for Japanese is just reading Infection Game. My passive vocabulary is expanding, but I’m still at a standstill for everything else.

Recently I’ve become rather afraid of losing my Korean skills. And the thought scares me. A LOT. If one day that happens, it will mean that 5-6 years of my life has gone down the drain, and I’m not being dramatic.

I have seen people who used to speak decent / good Korean and after a few years back in their “normal” lives, they ended up losing quite a bit of their proficiency.

It’s hard to learn a language, but even harder to keep up with it. My speaking skills has never been awesome even at my best, so I’m particularly worried that I’ll be back to stuttering in a year or so. x.x

Wondering how you guys deal with this problem. Any thoughts?

On to happier things..

I’m falling in love with a few awesome dramas this season, one of which is 별에서 온 그대. And the evil twisty ring that Jae Kyung has. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it here in 3 colors >>>> MZUU

I dug out my own twisty ring! 😛 heehee I got it from a roadside stall a few years back!

어때요? ㅋㅋㅋ


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    24 January, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    It is what it is. It would be strange if their korean is still as good even though they don’t use it as much. anyways if the skills deteriorate that means korean doesn’t play as a big a role as it once did in frequency or quantity so naturally the skills deteriorate. or the other possibility is korean does play a big role still but not in a way that requires production like speaking or writing. I personally have all my goals set on comprehension as in enjoy as much media in x language as thoroughly as possible. I don’t have any interest in production because I do not need to write japanese (I don’t have that much interest in writing in general regardless of the language. i cannot keep a diary for my life lol and I certainly will not start a diary just to write japanese. I’d rather invest that time into reading or watching some japanese thing, I do not know any japanese people nor do i feel like searching for japanese people or other japanese learners in real life to talk to or go on skype and talk to strangers. lol.

    you mention your observations about these people. i was wondering if you asked about it lol… it’s sorta rude maybe but i like hearing insight from other people.

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    25 January, 2014 at 1:15 AM

    I know what you mean, when you stopped your studying you just revert. I am currently studying for N2 as well. For me reading is the most difficult part, speaking has always been my stronger point. Since I live in the U.S we can only take it once a year, so I have about 10 months before the test.
    At one point I was studying Korean pretty well, until I got sick and it all went down hill. I really need to motivate myself to study. Well at least I can still read Hangul, when I stopped Japanese I completely forgot how to read, although I did retain speaking. I think the reason is because I have a tendency to speak to myself in Japanese. A bit yeah….but if you don’t use it you lose it.
    I too am currently in love with My love from another star. LOL at the ring comment. Kim Soo Hyun!!! If only I stalk him while I was in S. Korea, well only his professional life, can’t really stalk his personal life.

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    25 January, 2014 at 4:33 AM

    Haha, same here. I feel like making another trip to Book-Off even though I haven’t finished my first Japanese novel yet. Having a $3 off coupon and wanting to take pictures of the store for my blog just make it even more tempting. I’ve also been thinking about picking up some Korean novels and some Spanish novels. I used to read so many books in one month so maybe I’m trying to satisfy that old craving with books in other languages.

    Maintenance of language skills is one of the hardest things. I’ve lost so much of my Spanish, but I’m hoping to get it back once I get back into reading and listening to it. I’d rather do a refresher course on all my Spanish vs. Japanese or Korean because too much work is being put into learning them. XD

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    28 January, 2014 at 8:59 AM

    Hi, finally decided to drop a comment here. First of all, I want to congratulate you to your awesome blog, I regularly read through it when I need learning inspiration.
    I learned Japanese for about 6 years and I really loved to learn it. I passed the JLPT N1 in 2011 and was totally happy. But then I graduated university (where I also had some Japanese classes) and somehow I lost the drive in learning more on the advanced level (wanted to read more news articles or specialized literature, but well honestly that´s not my definition of fun) . I sometimes watch dramas or listen to some music so I never stopped being exposed to Japanese altogether, but still I feel how my proficiency leaves me more and more. Last year I started a Master´s degree where I also have Japanese classes again and I´m so disappointed in myself because I forgot so many things. I really should do something to get back to the stage where I was before (and of course I´d be nice if I could get even better than before but well,…).
    But then I also started to learn Korean more intense after I passed the JLPT, and there is still so much to learn and it´s fun, but when I think about Japanese it is just frustrating and I don´t know where to start. Learning Japanese is something which I did for so many years of my life and I don´t want to lose all that so I feel kind of obliged to repeat and learn more. But then Korean is so much more fun and I end up watching more Korean drama, listening to more Korean music and learning more Korean. >.<
    I´m sorry I think I got off track. ^-^; Well anyways, I agree with you that it is hard to keep up with a language.

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