5 In Japanese learning journey (:

たこさん ウィンナー!!

I feel like a kid on a new journey of discovery 😀 Spent the bulk of today studying Japanese and for the very first time, learning more about the Japanese culture! ^^ I’ve discovered socks glue (!!), 焼きそばパン and たこさん ウィンナー today!!

I’m amused at the fact that socks glue exists. I always assumed that high socks don’t drop down or go lower because Japanese girls has such nice, slim long legs. Mmm maybe they used a little help (:

And たこさん ウィンナー!!!!

omg they are seriously the cutest things ever. Just watched video showing how to make these sausages (a site that I’m using to learn Japanese!) and I’m itching to try it out. Japan has the cutest things ever. キャ~♪

Sounds like I cannot learn a language without coming to contact with its culture in the end 😛 I’m definitely eager to learn more.

I never liked following the fad. Now that everyone is riding the Hallyu wave, learning Korean etc, I’m moving on to Japanese O.o Not a deliberate move. But I find myself subconsciously moving away from k-pop (except for YG) and more into k-indie, pansoori. Away from k-drama and into k-films. I don’t watch variety shows in the first place (nope not even running man / WGM / Strong Heart) but I like to watch documentaries or really obscure shows like 오마이갓, 한국인의 밥상 etc.

Anyway these days I’m very fascinated by the Japanese language. ^^ Can I one day become quadralingual? #justsaying

But I kind of think my Mandarin Chinese is getting worse. D:

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    7 April, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    What site is that? 🙂

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    9 April, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    I live in Singapore and used socks glue every day to school from Year 1999 to 2000. It was actually pretty popular back then. There was even this Japanese socks store at Wisma Atria. (where F21 is now, if I’m not mistaken). Ah, the memorable JC days.. T.T Maybe it’s because my mum began studying the Japanese language in 1993 when I was still in primary school and was so hooked onto the Japanese culture that I too eventually took a liking to the ultimate ‘formless’ school socks…luckily she didn’t make me bring overly cutesy bentos to school. ^^

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      9 April, 2012 at 10:05 AM

      wow that’s so cool xD but singapore doesn’t allow high socks, why do u use socks glue? >< haha sorry just curious.

      Actually I like the idea of bentos, but I guess it will be too troublesome for our mums to make it 😛

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        10 April, 2012 at 1:02 AM

        I wore the Japanese knitted baggy socks and the socks glue is an essential because it will never stay at that ‘height’ due to its weight. Mine weren’t that long, always had them at 4 inches below kneecap…very comfy during long lecture hours but still I got ‘warned’ a couple times by the school’s DB. alright..simply vain~ lol

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