I’m horrible with details. :/ The JLPT 2 grammar points are giving me a headache because to my untrained (?) eyes, they all look too similar in structure and meaning I can’t seem to remember what is what anymore. I hate to memorise too, so now I’m just going by gut feeling and the general “feel” when I learn these grammar points (at the same time somemore aiyo) and hopefully somewhere in the folds of my brain it will be retained lol.

The grammar points are as follows:

  • 〜からいって
  • からして
  • からすると
  • からといって

Maybe I shouldn’t learn them all at the same time. But I’m using a JLPT N2 book….

I miss the Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese. Can they have an integrated approach to Advanced Japanese too??

(by the way, those books are mostly misnomers. I’m nowhere near “advanced” or even “intermediate”)

I have another Japanese textbook (in Korean) for NHK news articles and according to that book I’m still at the beginner level articles! :D :D

I hate to know what is advanced though, because the beginner is already hard enough lol

and yeah…

Sometime in the past week or so, I’ve switched to studying Japanese again.


See, this is why my method of finding something to study according to your mood works. Because I always have mood swings, I can’t seem to stick to one thing permanently. Even though my study method is seemingly haphazard, it ensures that I’m always improving and in the long run, everything will fall in place.

Seriously, I’m doing my best as a working adult. x.x

I’m totally behind in terms of blogging though. I have so many books/resources I wanna review but OMG I HAVE NO TIME.

Don’t want to do the books (and you all) a disservice by giving a half-assed review, so forgive me while I take some more time!! ;;;

I’ll do it when I’m in the mood for it (and have the time!)

Right now I’m in a Japanese grammar book and nothing will deter me from poring over Japanese grammar books. I refuse to do anything else. /stubborn

I missed the application for July N2 (not that I’m ready…) and I’m thinking of December.. actually maybe not. Not very free for year end (if plans fall in place) so that means July 2015….

hahahhahaa maybe by some amazing miracle, I can do N1 by then.

Yeah right.


Books make me happy

You have a problem with that? -.-

Yes. I love reading and I like to talk about books.

If you find me boring or nerdy then it’s your problem. You are welcome to not talk to me.

/end of rant

Mmm back to books talk! Been reading Parallel World Love Story and I think it’s my 5th (?) Japanese novel. But it’s the first one where I have zero idea of the plot before reading. Prior novels I’ve read have been adapted to dramas/movies which I’ve seen.

Always wondered if knowing the story kinda “helped” me in my reading so I wanted to try a brand new novel.

And I’m v happy that I’m already 200++ pages into the novel and I didn’t check up any words after the first 10 pages (even then I didn’t really need to) and I am following the story well!!!!!!


What I’m up to these days

Work. Catching up on sleep. Playing a mental game of tug of war and feeling like the rope is slipping out of my hands. Be overjoyed whenever I have some free time for Korean and Japanese. Look forward to messaging some people. Be obsessed with anime (again)

Yes anime. I’m back to being in the 2D world because I need a break from the 3D version. O.o

Heh anyway my latest obsession is with the lovely Lovely Complex!!!

No spoilers but it’s a high school anime about life, romance and friendships. The interesting is that the female lead is 172cm and the male lead is 156cm tall heehee.

The anime itself is hilarious most of the time but grounded in realism, exploring many issues that we go through in life and this supposedly hilarious anime has made me cry on several occasions already.

I loveeee the female lead Lisa and all the ugly faces she make. None of those cutey schoolgirl feel (:

And the best part??

The anime is set in Osaka and THEY ALL USE THE KANSAI DIALECT!!!!!!


^^ hehe i think I’m getting a lot better at understanding the dialect now (: YAYAYAY.

All in all. Highly recommended! (: Especially if you are a dialect fan like me. ^^

Only with a past is there a future

Although this blog didn’t end up doing what it was initially created for (yes Hangukdrama was created with the intent to talk about K-dramas), it ended up being an online diary. It does not simply reflect who I am, but rather it brought out the best in me. This is why I find online blogs rather amazing. We are able to write our innermost and honest thoughts, but at the same time, there is also that sense of “good image” that we want to portray in front of our online audience.

In that sense, this blog is both an honest reflection of “me” and also the best “me”. The desire to appear positive drives me to become a more motivated and positive person. (: But lately I’ve realised that I’m treating this blog as a ranting space, which I think I shouldn’t. Ranting time and again is fine, but I’m beginning to dump a lot of negative feelings here – the only outlet I have. :/ Trying to refrain from doing that and bring back the positivity.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the world of history. ^^ I’m reading 대한민국사 recently, and while that book has taught me a lot about Korea’s history, it also made me realise that we are all who we are because of our past. I used to be someone who refused to look backwards. In fact, I would love to keep a lot of things in the past locked up and pretended that they all don’t exist. I refuse to look backwards, and concentrated on moving forward, secretly hoping that the past will just vanish as I move ahead. But these days, I can really see how my identity, who I am as a person, and my thoughts/actions are all highly influenced by my past – whether good or bad.

There are still things I’ll rather not mention, but I’m more able to see that the past is not something that I should be ashamed of or hide like crazy. I’m also beginning to appreciate how the past has shaped me to become who I am now. Of course, it’s not all good. There are things that I want to change and these changes can only be possible if I acknowledge the past. It’s hard to change anything when all I’m doing is negating and suppressing the past and refusing to face it straight on. (:

내 비뚤어진 성격 ㅋㅋㅋ

On to language matters!

I’m adopting a new method of reading + doing a lot in a given period. urm. Okay let me explain that. I used to like working on one specific thing for each language for a period of time. For example, I’ll only read 전우치 for Korean and Infection Game for Japanese that week. Or another week I’ll concentrate on Japanese grammar only. But these days I have at least 5 books I’m reading and a few other things I’m working on.


This is to find something language-related to do in all circumstances and moods.


A lot of time and good mood: Read 대한민국사 (Modern History of Korea). This is because I need to have full concentration to be able to tackle the difficult material and I simply don’t have the energy to do this after a long day at work

Some time and relatively good mood / subway reading: Read 엄마 부탁해

Some time and need a pick-me-up: Read 전우치 (this book is therapeutic I swear)

No time and bad mood: listen to kpop


A lot of time and extremely studious mood: Learn Japanese grammar, use the grammar dictionary, prepare for JLPT N2

Some time and good mood: Detailed reading of Japanese novels (Infection Game/ Parallel World Love Story

Some time / subway reading: Parallel World Love Story / Inside Darling’s Mind

No time + need pick-me-up: Listen to Japanese podcasts

Bad mood + need therapy: Re-watch Japanese dramas / anime (Nodame!!)

So basically I’m like reading at least 5 books at the same time ><

I think this works for me. Because if I’m only to do one book at a time, I’ll never get to do it because I’ll never be in the “right mood”. But having different things to do in different moods, I ensure that I’m always doing something Japanese / Korean related :D :D

But of course that is based on the premise that there is time…..


And yes, I’ve started on a new Japanese novel!! Parallel World Love Story by Higashino Keigo.

Liking it so far and technically it’s the first Japanese novel that I’m reading without knowing the story beforehand. For the other Japanese novels I’ve completed, I’ve actually seen the drama / movie before!

기분 다운

This has been a down-week for me – both mentally and physically. >

The world is indeed 냉정하다. Being sick is no excuse for much and it somehow sounds like a flimsy excuse (when it’s not).

Anyway, having a realllyyy bad week and I hope it can only get better. My head is splitting soon and my stomach is set to go the same way, so I actually had to detour and eat dinner on the way home. :/ Contemplated eating at home but I’ll probably collapse from gastric pains before then lolol.

Sitting down in a random food place and having an existential crisis. Hahahaha

Sorry for the lack of replies on any form of social media, because I don’t have the energy to :/

Feeling the need to be more careful on what I say on the online sphere and that’s really D: haha my multiple personalities will just get more distinct lol. :/

There’s a 훈남 at the next table ^^


Tomorrow is Tuesday.

And I’m full.

This post no longer makes sense.

But I still feel like writing.

Ohh the other day I went to the Asian Civilisation Museum (: They have a special exhibit called The Secrets of The Fallen Pagoda and I think they really beefed up their regular exhibits too. Super enjoy the museum!!!(: Now I think it’s my favorite museum in Singapore (:

Didn’t manage to see half of it even though we spent at least 2hrs there o.O Will be back again!

I have great love for museums. In an alternate universe (ermmm) I’ll aspire to be a curator and I think it’s damn awesome to plan an exhibit. It’s strange how I am growing to like history these days. ^^

But I’m realising that a lot of my personal growth and development stems from learning Korean. It really gave me a lot in life. (:

Not saying that everyone have to learn a foreign language, but I think it’s about finding something that really spur you on in life.

A day of eating, chilling and talking

The title basically describes how the meetups I organise are like! Hehe fitting to my character. Some may find it boring (what?! All you do is eat and chill?!) but oh well, that’s how we roll (:

Had a really good time on Sat!! Met loads of old friends, made some new ones and talked a lot! ^^ It’s always amazing how we manage to be so comfortable with each other despite not meeting up for a year or so. Those who joined the meetup for the first time also says it’s not awkward at all. Seriously, most people become part of the “old crowd” the second time round (:

If I’m not swamped by all sorts of ****, there will be another meetup next month… hopefully?

Ohh, and I’m pretty happy to be giving a talk this Sat! Ok la not a major event or what, but I’m kinda like a “guest speaker” of some sorts! Yay! (: When I was a kid, I used to HATE public speaking. But now I’m ok with it. And sometimes I even like it – especially if it’s a topic I’m interested in. So I’m good with Korean speech contests lolol and this time Ill be talking about travelling to Korea!!
Can someone ask me to give a talk on language learning???? I have a lot to say 😄😄😄

(Photos uploaded later kkkk)

[Korean Audio Blog] 지루한 일상 이야기

제목 그대로 12분의 일상 이야기입니다.

들어주셔서 감사합니다

The first audio blog in 2014!! (and hopefully not the last)

Looking at my records, I shouldn’t be too optimistic.

The last audio blog was 9 months ago. So this means that …. cya again in … DECEMBER.

oh, so there’s hope for another 1 before 2015 ㅋㅋㅋ

Leave me a comment if you listened to this :D

Because there is no time

Then you end up knowing what is most precious to you.

Because I have sooo little time that I can call “free time”, I end up proritising subconsciously and I realised that the first things to go are dramas and mindless internet surfing. D:

My dramas *wails*. I’ve even given up 로맨스 필요해 2013 and if you know me, you know how big the sacrifice is when I choose not to watch sung joon ):

I’ve also given up (mostly) on reading kpop news or other random things online. I havent even look at my blog stats for weeks!!! Haha.

So what’s left is really Korean (and Japanese). Whenever I am free now, I’m always reading something Korean. If I have at least an hour, Ill be reading 대한민국사. If I have very little time, Ill read some other resource books or online articles.

Remember the Korean learning log I (used to) keep? Hahaha. The one listing all the articles I read that month? Will try to go back to it again and read more articles on politics and economics (:


The other day I had one hour in the evening, so I continued to read Infection Game. Im almost done with that book (: Also, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some reading time on train rides to work too. Not all the days though. ><

Since I have a lot less time for languages these days, every moment I get to spend time with them makes me very happy and I really try to make full use of the time ><

Treasure the time you spend on ur passions (:


After much tears and sniffing, I’ve finally finished 우리들의 행복한 시간, a novel that has much meaning to me. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but 우행시 holds a special place in my heart as it was the first Korean novel I was interested in. I first learnt about the novel as a chapter was used in the Yonsei Reading 6 book, which I used while attending the YISS a few years ago.

It didn’t make much of an impression on me back then, seeing how my Korean wasn’t at a standard where I could appreciate literary books. Understanding and making sense of the words took up all my efforts. Didn’t think much about the book until I watched the movie 우행시 one day and damn I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in a single movie >.<;; And thus that cemented my love for the movie, the actors/actresses and the book.

The novel was given to me by a friend  and that made it extra meaningful (:

The first time I read it (3 years ago i think), it was awfully difficult. I had to pause and highlight almost every other word and the descriptive phrases used in novels were all alien to me. I barely made it past 60 pages or so before I soon left it aside (not deliberately). But I guessed I still put in a lot of effort into learning Korean in the meantime because in 2012 I was able to finish my first 2 Korean novels – the 전우치 novels.

Seriously, I am always amazed at my past self. While writing this, I was wondering when I finished my first Korean novel, so I went to google it (lol). So I ended up re-reading what I wrote then in Nov 2012 and I felt so…. impressed by my past self and ashamed of my current self. >< Where did all that passion and enthusiasm go to???

Human memories work in strange ways. With time, a happy moment then can seem “normal” now and suffering and pain can be neutralised. I always thought that I’m improving as a person with time but now looking at my past self (recorded down in writing) I feel so… D: D:

Okay back to the topic.

Decided to pick up 우행시 again a few weeks ago and started reading from the first page. For some reason, the book was such a breezy and easy read so I finished it without much effort o.O I MUST HAVE IMPROVED hahahhaha.

After finishing the book in the morning, I decided that I want to read non-fiction and so I took out my Korean history books again – the 4-volume 대한민국사 set. It has been a long time since I last read it and I arrogantly thought that it will be an easier read now.

Started from page 1 again and I found myself stumped at the words that I highlighted last time (words which I checked out then too). x.x Guess I’m still not that good? hahahahha

never mind, I’ll start again (:

back to the books.